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Sporcle Friday: Dayton Moore’s starting pitchers

Pitching is the currency of baseball!

World Series Workout Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Dayton Moore came on the job in 2006 with the Royals and proclaimed that pitching is the currency of baseball. Since his first full season with the Royals in 2007, he has given the ball to 53 different pitchers to start games for him.

We are not going to bother with every single pitcher that has started a game for Dayton Moore - who can remember than Ryan Verdugo or John Thomson or Phillip Humber once got the call for the Royals? But 40 different pitchers have gotten at least five starts with the Royals since Dayton Moore’s first full season in 2007. Some are long-time Royals, a couple of All-Stars, and even a Cy Young winner. Some are players you cursed or may not even remember ever donned a Royals uniform.

The years listed are all their years with the team, even if they weren’t a starter the entire time. Can you list the 40 starting pitchers that Dayton Moore has put on the mound at least five times since 2007?