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Royals Rumblings - News for October 14, 2016

Trade Wade?

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Kansas City Royals John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

In Jeffrey Flanagan’s mailbag, he addresses a bunch of fans’ lingering concerns, including this:

What big name is most likely to be traded?

-- @Spence1529

Moore got the fanbase intrigued when he indicated after the season that the Royals might "mix it up" in terms of the 2017 roster. That, of course, could mean a trade or two is on Kansas City's horizon. There immediately was speculation that Davis could be trade bait -- he certainly could bring a haul -- but keep in mind that Moore's No. 1 priority this offseason is to strengthen the bullpen, not deplete it. Cain is arguably the Royals' best overall talent and greatest trade chip, but we saw what happened to the team without him in the lineup. Stay tuned.

Hunter Samuels took a look at how the Royals dug holes early and where it got them this year compared to last:

Last year, the Royals had a .343 winning percentage in games in which they were behind when the second inning started. While that’s not a high number, the team’s offensive firepower allowed them to overcome poor first innings from their starters.

This season, the Royals’ winning percentage in those games was a paltry .205. That’s what happens when you combine poor starting pitching with a thin lineup and an injury-riddled bullpen. The starters dug a hole, and the offense fell in head first.

Jeff Sullivan marvels at the fantastic conclusion of the Dodgers/Nationals NLDS.

Tal’s Hill is finally gone and Emma Baccellieri marvels at the oddity.

At The Hardball Times, Britni De La Cretaz shines a light on Bobby Cox’s completely overlooked legacy of domestic violence.

John Sickels looks at his top 50 pitching prospects from 2009, and there are a handful of familiar names to Royals fans amongst the disappointments.

If you can’t wait for Rogue One, here is an attempt to breakdown the newest trailer’s hidden clues.

A nod and a hello helped bridge the gap between privileged students and the employees on campus at Georgetown.

Kyle Kinane tells us what’s funny and answers some questions.

Michelle Obama brought it and is a national treasure.

Garden & Gun profiles Amanda Shires as her new album My Piece of Land sees its release.

Greil Marcus writes about a master of change, Nobel Prize for Literature winner Bob Dylan.

Pitchfork’s managing editor opines that the world doesn’t need Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize winner.

And since any reason is a good reason for Dylan, here’s a bunch of Bob Dylan for your songs of the day, starting with “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” and moving on from there.