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Jonny Gomes gets a tattoo that makes him “Forever Royal”

Bare legs? Not on this team!

Jonny Gomes spent just 12 games in a Royals uniform and was not even on their post-season roster when they won the World Series in 2015. But somehow, he has become one of the most memorable Royals from the post-season celebration. He gained notoriety with his epic championship rally speech, in which he eloquently stated:

“It’s unbelievable what those boys did. It’s unbelievable what they did! It’s unbelievable what they did! They stole bases, they hit homers. Hey guess what, Cy Young winner, not on our team, beat him. Rookie of the year, not on our team, we beat him. MVP of the whole league, (turns around) sorry guys not on our team. But we beat that guy too! You know why we beat them. Because all of you all people had our backs.

“And Dayton Moore put this team together and Yost delivered it by being the captain of the ship. You all want to be politically correct, I’m the un-politically correct person. We whooped their ass!”

Well now Gomes has preserved some of those words forever with his latest tattoo to mark his time in Kansas City. The tattoo, shared by Eric Hosmer on his Instagram account, shows a snarling Sluggerrr with the words “We whooped their ass!” and the years “1985” and “2015” to mark the two Royals World Championships.

In honor of the World Series I had to share this heat Johnny Gomes sent me!

A photo posted by Eric Hosmer (@hosmer305) on

The tattoos appear to be the work of J.J. Osman of Doll Star Tattoo in Cincinnati. Gomes, who spent some time playing in Japan last year and insists his career is not over, seems to think of his short time in Kansas City fondly. And now, he will have a constant reminder of his time with the Royals.