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The best Royals Vines of all-time

These videos go all the way back to 2013.

As you may have heard, Twitter is discontinuing service for the Vine app, giving us three years of six-second videos. Luckily, the era of Vine was during one of the most exciting eras of Royals baseball. Terrific Twitter users like Steve MCCleary (@stevemcleary) and Jim McClintock (@pimpino) delighted Royals fans for years with Vines of exciting Royals plays (just don't tell Major League Baseball) and funny moments from the broadcast.

Here are some of the best Vines in Royals history.

Super fan Jimmy Faseler gained some notoriety when his belly dancing made the Royals broadcast. Well, someone set it to music.

Baseball to the groin! Baseball to the groin!

When it happens to Alex Rios, he didn't get any sympathy from teammates.

There was the time Ryan Lefebvre shut down an Orioles fan during the ALCS.

Remember when Torii Hunter went crazy?

What is going on here?

Salvy is the best.

Gordo leaves Jirsch hanging.

Salvy should appear on Sesame Street.

Crown club ringing people up

Wade Davis is a bad man.

Look out kid!

Look out Jeremy!

Jose Bautista had issues.

Yordano Ventura celebrated going back to the World Series again. Oooh baby!

Danny Duffy had many great moments in his bear suit, including his interview with Joel Goldberg after clinching a post-season spot for a second consecutive year. But for me, it is hard to top Danny Duffy in a bear suit getting ready for the drum part for Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight."

Good job, good effort, Mets.

Christian Colon can dance.

Lorenzo Cain was musical.

Drew Butera makes the ladies swoon his his hair flip.


Objects flying.

Rex Being Rex.

Not Royals related, but this Vine of Tommy LaSorda singing Turn Down for What is a Hall of Famer.

Got any favorite Vines to share?