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Weekend Rumblings - News for October 29, 2016

Will Cheslor be in next year’s plans?

Cleveland Indians v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for October 29, 2016

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks Cheslor Cuthbert may not be in Kansas City next year.

I still think Cheslor Cuthbert is on the trading block. Reports came out that he looked “solid” at second base during instructs, which is kind of a nice thing to see. And then you realize that it seems much of his work was done on the side so there isn’t much in the way of scouts getting to see him in action. I guess it could go both ways here, but I really think that’s posturing to make him appear more versatile in a deal....I’ve had in my head a deal with Cuthbert to the Giants for Eduardo Nunez and maybe another piece. I’m not sure if that’s light or heavy or where it is for Cuthbert, but for some reason, that’s been floating around since the end of the season. I know Nunez is a guy the Royals like, so maybe that’s where it came from.

Real Sport 101 takes a look at the Royals farm system.

Kansas City's farm system is currently down.

We became accustomed to the Royals having one of the most consistently growing farm systems in the league, prior to their run two years ago. The Royals did what they had to do in order to get two AL championships and a World Series, but their farm system has suffered. They’ve drafted poorly, and they’ve overpaid in trades for Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto, then they gave up draft picks for free agents. Four of the Royals' five top prospects reached the major leagues this year, meaning by midseason next year, the Royals could be competing with the Angels for the worst farm system in the league.

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