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In an effort to keep up with the internet of things and to help Royals fans stay attuned to all the latest happenings with their team, we've decided to launch a newsletter. Yes, that's right, Royals Review content right to your spam folder inbox!

What you can expect

Well first off we aren't going to spam you or sell your email to the Yankees or the Dodgers. We promise that anything you receive from us will be stuff we think you'd want to know. Mostly that stuff will be about the Royals however we can't exclude that occasionally we'll include some MLB-centric content too.

We plan on including:

Links to important articles recently at Royals Review

For many of you who on the site daily you are able to stay on top of the Royals comings and goings. However sometimes life can come at you fast, three days go by, and you missed all of the plus-plus content. The newsletter will contain links and tidbits from recent articles. However we aren't just going to re-link every article, just a select few.

Links to other Royals related articles

Of course we think the best Royals coverage is at Royals Review but occasionally we may link to an article or two outside of the mother-ship here.

Links to other baseball content

Though we of course are always going to be leaning towards the Royals, occasionally there is big enough news that we think you should know too. We'll pass along things every so often just in case you missed something very big.

Exclusive content!!!@!#

We plan on including things that are going to be exclusive only to the newsletter. Likely it will be just minor pieces (we'll save the 3,000 word editorials for the site) but they are still going to be relevant and important enough that we think you'd like to hear about. These can be several paragraphs, random thoughts, random stats, graphs, video, scouting reports, you name it.

Really we are targeting things that are more quick pieces and reactions than drawn out thoughts. Which leads me too...


Any time there is breaking news about the Royals, you can potentially expect a quick reaction from us. The bigger pieces are still going to exist on the home site of course, however if you forget to view the site you run the risk of missing out on the news. Consider this to be potentially a news alert as well.


I'm guilty of tweeting out a million different little stats. They aren't always worthy of a bunch of words. Usually they are random stats, GIFs, video, etc... and not everyone has the Twitter. So we'll pass along some tweets from the writers here or others on the Twitter that we think you'll like, usually Royals related.

How often can you expect it?

We are definitely still trying to naturally let the newsletter figure out what it is and what we want it to become. At this point I can't foresee it being distributed more than twice a week on even the most busy week. During the offseason it's naturally going to be a bit lower volume and during the actual season I think we are looking at around weekly. We are for sure not making any strong commitments to either date of distribution or frequency. I think this is the best way for now...setting no expectations that way we don't let you down.

This sounds fantastic you guys, how do I sign up!?

Glad you asked! It's simple. The link below will take you to the sign up page where you'll simply enter your email. You'll then have to confirm your email and it's as simple as that.

What do you want to see?

We are of course open to suggestions on what our readers want to see. You can always leave a comment below or respond directly to the newsletter if there is something you don't like or want to see.

So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY