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League Divisional Series Day Three Open Thread

If you love pitchers hitting, today is the day for you.

Chicago Cubs Fans Watch Game Four in Wrigleyville Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Today is travel day in the American League, so the spotlight is on the Senior Circuit. We were supposed to have the Dodgers vs. Nationals this afternoon, but the game has been rained out, to be made up tomorrow at noon.

At 8:15 CT on MLB Network, the Cubs host the Giants after blanking them 1-0 in Game 1. Kyle Hendricks tries to keep the Giants scoreless tonight against Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija. Cubs fans really seem to be tempting fate with their confidence in this series, but I’m sure things will work out for them as they always do.

At the very least, they have Bill Murray going for them. Which is nice.