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The best Royals-related Halloween costumes

Happy Halloween!

Its fun to dress up as the defending champions! The Royals have become a popular costume choice this year as little boys and girls dream of being Forever Royal. Here are the best Royals-themed Halloween costumes from this year.

Two of the scruffiest nerf-herders in the galaxy, Han Solo and Eric Hosmer.

Duff-man, oh yea!

We got a Rally Mantis, of course.


This is why we need protective netting!

Its a bear suit, Joel.

Go Royals!

Look out for a Salvy splash from this guy.


Well this is just adorable.

Drew Butera is nothing but a hound dog.

Former Royals outfielder Brett Eibner chose to reference the obscure Disney movie Brink!

X Bladz #brink

A photo posted by Brett Eibner (@beibner) on

Billy Butler is in a league of his own.

If Royals minor leaguer Erik Skoglund can’t be a #2 pitcher, he can be a #2 pencil.

#NWANaturals left-hander, @ericskoglund25, still staying "sharp" this off-season. Happy Halloween.

A photo posted by Northwest Arkansas Naturals (@nwanaturals) on

Minor leaguer Eric Stout will save the Royals someday.

Who needs a hero? Clark Kent (@ericstout37) has you covered. Happy Halloween

A photo posted by Northwest Arkansas Naturals (@nwanaturals) on

Paulo Orlando’s daughter is super, just like her dad.

Happy Halloween! ❤️ #trickortreat

A photo posted by Paulo (@paulo_orlando16) on

This is a nice attempt at a Salvy-o-Lantern.

And of course, a Salvy splash pumpkin!

Kids! Stop fighting!

Finally, I’m not even sure Hunter Pence knows its Halloween.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!