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Royals Rumblings - News for November 12, 2016

Baseball, Death, and Chocolate

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

MILB names their Royals Organizational All-Stars.

The seven Kansas City affiliates combined for a 342-414 record in 2016, but Double-A Northwest Arkansas and Rookie-level Burlington reached their respective league Finals. That, coupled with both expected and surprise successes across the system leaves the club's Director of Minor League Operations Ronnie Richardson confident in the organization's direction.

Former Royal and fighter of ham Trey Hillman is heading to South Korea to manage the SK Wyverns.

Hillman agreed to a two-year deal worth $US1.6 million won last month, becoming the first man to manage professional clubs in South Korea, Japan and the United States. The 53-year-old has previously been the skipper for the Kansas City Royals and the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters.

KCKingdom’s Leigh Oleszczak writes that Paulo Orlando probably shouldn’t be in your fantasy trade proposals:

If the Royals are going to add critical pieces to their roster, they’ll probably have to do so through a trade. Someone that I’d be on board with the team shipping off elsewhere would be outfielder Paulo Orlando. That probably won’t happen though, as Orlando really wouldn’t bring much in return to the team.

Most notable on the day, however, is Kendrys Morales heading north of the border.

The Blue Jays have agreed to a 3-year, $33 million deal with designated hitter/first baseman Kendrys Morales, according to multiple reports. The deal was first reported by Christopher Meola.

Toronto also adds Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

Delightfully doughy forgotten steroid user Bartolo Colon signed with the Braves yesterday.

On the chocolate front, Toblerone changed their trademark shape and no one is happy. That includes Captain Kirk:

Feel free to skip the starred section below as it’s about politics and we were just pleasantly talking about Bartolo and chocolate.


But we really haven’t had a lot of political links in Rumblings and I’m just trying to sort some of this out, so bear with me.

First, a number of older pieces have resurfaced from liberals taking other liberals to task for missing the Trump phenomenon because of their own failings like unproductive smugness.

Meanwhile, people on the right are trying to get their message across to a potentially more receptive losing audience.

The left, meanwhile is hurt because they see a man who used every sort of discrimination to divide people but don’t believe half the country is racist.

Oh, and that Midwest everyone forgot about is a worthwhile place, not just flyover country.

Writers like Aaron Sorkin and Garrison Keillor did their thing.

If you want the really doomsday scenario, here’s some help for living under an autocracy.


Then again, maybe it’s immaterial as Facebook is killing everyone.

(Segues don’t get much better than that.) As I mentioned in my previous Weekend Rumblings, I’m not cultured enough to give you some real music education so when I do these, you get video game music. This week’s entry is from the Nintendo DS cult classic The World Ends With You. The game begins with your character waking up in Shibuya (think Tokyo’s Times Square) with a counter on his hand, an ominous voice saying to finish a goal or be erased, and a realization that he’s dead. This highly stylized enterprise feels like an interpretation of American urban culture through Japanese eyes. As such, the music is a fairly unique cross between J-pop and hip-hop. “Calling” is one of the main tracks and this is a rendition from one of the Theatrhythm games since I couldn’t find a video I liked with TWEWY gameplay.