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Royals Rumblings - News for November 14, 2016

Would you like to be our DH?

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for November 14, 2016

Rustin Dodd looks at what the Royals might do at designated hitter with Kendrys Morales heading to Toronto.

If the Royals are looking for a more traditional DH, they could look to free agent Mike Napoli, a 35-year-old who hit 34 homers for the Cleveland Indians in 2016. They could also seek a reunion with Carlos Beltran, 39, who finished last season with Texas.

Beltran, a possible Hall of Famer, began his career in Kansas City and hit .295 with a .337 on-base percentage and 29 homers in 2016. He could perhaps make spot starts in right field, though his defensive skills have deteriorated with age.

Other available free agent possibilities at DH include Matt Holliday, Mitch Moreland, Brandon Moss and a potential buy-low candidate in Pedro Alvarez, though the Royals’ ability to increase payroll could dictate which players would be available.

Dayton Moore is looking for the Royals to be healthier and for everyone to improve!

“I think Hos had a terrific year,” Moore said. “His first half certainly put him in position to be the All-Star first baseman, but he’s capable of continuing to get better. And he will. He’s in the prime years of his career and we expect him to continue to get better as well....

“There’s a lot of different things that go into that, as we know,” Moore said. “But certainly, having our players back healthy and re-energized and enthused — I think that will go a long way.”

Keith Law of ESPN thinks the Royals could be dealing Wade Davis.

So keeping Davis and Herrera is probably superfluous, and it's possible trading one -- I'd say Davis since he's going to leave as a free agent after the season and isn't going to merit a qualifying offer if those still exist -- will help them boost their 2017 roster. They could use another starter or two, or a shortstop who can hit a little bit. As for the trade potential, Davis is a contender's shot to go get a Chapman-type upgrade for the short term without having to give one of the elite free agents a four-year deal or commit something like $12-15 million a year to a reliever. Contenders currently lacking a high-strikeout, late-inning relief option include the Dodgers, Giants, Blue Jays, Angels, and Pirates -- and perhaps the White Sox if they choose to go all-in for 2017.

Former GM Jim Duquette makes his free agent predictions and thinks the Royals will be in on Jose Bautista.

Old friend Danny Valencia is dealt to Seattle.

Dave Cameron at Fangraphs looks at the top 50 free agents and what they should expect to get.

The Rays may look to get a bounty for one of their starting pitchers.

The Cardinals will make Trevor Rosenthal a starter.

The curveball is back in a big way.

21 baseball players in South Korea are charged with fixing games.

With slumping ratings, the NFL is considering reducing ads and the length of games.

Former Baylor coach Art Briles is an awful human being.

Why do we bite our nails?

Two-headed sharks keep popping up and scientists are baffled.

The exploration of time in Arrival will blow your mind.

Your song of the day is R.E.M. with First We Take Manhattan.