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Weekend Rumblings - News for November 26, 2016

Baseball is family.

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for November 26, 2016

David Lesky has an interesting idea for a Mike Moustakas contract extension.

I have a weird contract idea, so keep with me on this. The Royals should sign Mike Moustakas to an extension. That’s not the weird part. The Royals should sign Mike Moustakas to an extension with an opt out after 2017. Now I’ve got your attention. Okay, so as you know, Moose is coming off a pretty serious knee injury. He’ll probably come back fine, but we really don’t know yet. He’s also guaranteed $8.7 million in 2017 for a team that is looking to save money wherever they can. What if the Royals offered Moose a deal like three years and $28 million with an opt out following the 2017 season?

Why would they do that? As of right now, he’s scheduled to become a free agent anyway after 2017. In my scenario, I’d give him a $4 million salary in 2017 and a $2 million buyout if he opts out. This would save the Royals money in 2017. But why would he do it? What if he doesn’t come back. As of this moment, he’s guaranteed to make $8.7 million for the rest of his career. He may never get another deal. He probably will, but he may not. If he signs this deal, he’s guaranteed to make $28 million for the rest of his career. If he can’t play anymore, he still gets it. But he still gets the chance to hit free agency if he proves healthy.

Sam Mellinger writes a touching story on how the Royals brought happiness to the family that lost their son in a tragic accident at Schlitterbahn.

They could not have expected this. Alex, who has since turned 7, wore a World Series hat ring on his head. Hosmer brought in some signed bats. They learned that Moose is a hugger. Manager Ned Yost came in, and Alex ran up to him like an old relative. General manager Dayton Moore arrived and asked Nathan about his workout and swing. To this day, the 13-year-old swears he’s going to play for the Royals because the GM is scouting him.

Catcher Sal Perez walked in, smiling of course, and Alex ran into his arms for a hug. These ballplayers were strangers, in the literal sense, but in this moment they were so much more. Alex wanted to give everyone high-fives but he couldn’t quite reach Hosmer. Moose picked him up and helped him.

“Alex was acting, for the first time, like a 6-year-old,” Scott said.

Christopher Crawford at ESPN reviews some Arizona Fall League prospects, including Royals pitcher Josh Staumont.

[He's] going to miss a ton of bats," one scout said. "That fastball is electric. He touched triple-digits on my gun. The curveball is better than I thought it'd be as well; that's the hard, power spin you see from guys who get strikeouts with their breaking ball. I just don't know if he has any clue where it's going. That can certainly play in relief, but when you're walking that many people, you have to worry about putting him in high-leverage situations.

"If Kansas City can tone down the delivery and get him to repeat the mechanics on a more consistent basis, he could be lights-out. If they can't, it's gonna be hard to trust him. Everything is just so extreme that it's really hard to determine a ceiling and floor, but the stuff is nasty."

Drew Butera will play for Team Italy in the World Baseball Classic.

Dayton Moore spoke to inmates at Lansing State Prison.

The Royals were near the bottom of baseball in extra strikes due to poor pitch-framing by their catchers.

Ronnie Socash at Beyond the Boxscore thinks the Braves got a steal with Sean Rodriguez.

Can the Angels build around Mike Trout before its too late?

Why expanding rosters to 26 is a terrible idea.

A look back at catchers playing other positions.

A breakdown of the new Hall of Fame ballot.

The players who quietly retired in 2016.

The Chiefs have some pretty critical injuries going into their Sunday night game against the Broncos.

LSU will hire interim coach Ed Orgeron.

The CNN porn story is how fake news is spread.

Black Friday continues is decline in popularity as shoppers migrate online.

Great sci-fi movies you may have missed in 2016.

Your song of the day is John Coltrane with Body and Soul.