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Royals Rumblings - News for November 28, 2016

Everyone stuffed now?

Royals Rumblings - News for November 28, 2016

Rustin Dodd wrote about how Josh Staumont became the kid with the golden arm.

As a high school pitcher in nearby La Habra, he had thrown in the high 80s — sometimes cracking 90 mph — but had gone mostly unnoticed by college recruiters. Just two local schools — Biola and Azusa Pacific — had even bothered to offer a scholarship. Staumont spent his freshman year at Biola before following a pitching coach to Azusa, and that’s how he found himself on the mound during the first intrasquad scrimmage of the fall season.

He could not know that moment, that first pitch, would change the way he thought about the game.

He didn’t know that the first radar-gun reading would flash 99 mph, that the next would pop 98, that his teammates would be waiting for him in the dugout afterward, ready to give him a hard time about the eye-popping readings. Surely, the gun was hot, Staumont told them...

"He has a gifted arm," Royals general manager Dayton Moore said.

Matt Snyder of CBS Sports says the Royals have the greatest potential variance out of teams in 2017.

The 2017 Major League Baseball season is an unwritten book, one sure to have plenty of twists and turns. We still don't know all the characters -- well, at least we don't know what characters will be on which teams in many cases. We do know that there will be 30 teams and all of them intriguing in their own way. Perhaps the most intriguing? The 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals. Why?

Because I can see them anywhere from the 2017 World Series champs to the worst record in baseball. Sure, we could say that about any team, but it's realistic here.

Beau Estes at Kings of Kauffman looks at some potential free agent bargains for the Royals.

Hyeon-jong Yang, LHP

A 28-year-old starter from Korea, Yang has been trying to get to the states since at least 2014. Unfortunately for him, he had a bit of down year in 2016, going 9-11 with a 3.58 ERA. In 2015, though, Yang went 15-6 with a 2.44 ERA. Yang allegedly has four pitches, including a fastball that tops out at 95 mph. Scouts have projected him as a No. 3 guy in the rotation, possibly No. 2.

Pitch-framing helped free agent catcher Jason Castro get paid.

The Giants have considered re-acquiring Pablo Sandoval.

David Schoenfield at ESPN offers four surprising names that could get traded.

MLB orders the Dodgers to cut down on their debt.

Here are your 2016 Statcast leaders.

What are the sticking points in MLB’s labor talks?

People did not react positively to the Padres new uniform announcement.

Albert Pujols helps out special needs kids in Israel.

Which lineman should take home the SB Nation Piesman Trophy?

Uhhh, a holocaust-themed ice dancing routine seems a bit wrong.

People are censoring themselves online for fear of being harrassed.

The five scariest cults in modern history.

The final words to Gilmore Girls is.....complicated.

Your song of the day is OK Go with The One Moment.