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Bovada has Royals as long-shot to win World Series next year

Just more odds to overcome

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Cubs have not even had 24 hours to celebrate their championship, but the sports book Bovada already has World Championship odds for the 2017 season. It is really too early to predict much - teams will begin to shape their teams over the next two months - but that won’t stop some degenerate gamblers from putting some dough on the line.

The Royals are just one year removed from winning it all with the same nucleus from that ballclub, but Bovada is already down on them after a disappointing 81-81 season. They put the odds of the Royals winning another championship at 33/1, the fifth-worst odds in the American League. The Boston Red Sox have the best odds in the league at 9/1, but are still behind the World Champion Cubs at 7/2 to repeat.

If you were wondering, the Royals were 16/1 odds to win the 2015 World Series in the days following the 2014 World Series.

Here are the complete odds, courtesy of Bovada.

Odds to win the 2017 World Series

Cubs 7/2
Red Sox 9/1
Dodgers 9/1
Nationals 12/1
Indians 14/1
Mets 14/1
Giants 14/1
Blue Jays 14/1
Astros 16/1
Rangers 16/1
Orioles 22/1
Tigers 22/1
Cardinals 22/1
Yankees 25/1
Mariners 25/1
Pirates 28/1
Royals 33/1
White Sox 40/1
Marlins 40/1
Angels 50/1
Rockies 66/1
Rays 66/1
Brewers 75/1
Athletics 75/1
Diamondbacks 100/1
Braves 100/1
Reds 100/1
Twins 100/1
Phillies 100/1
Padres 100/1