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State of the Royals Farm: Introduction

A primer on the series

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Over the next few weeks to month(s) leading up to my top 60 Royals prospect list (a date I don't know of just yet), I'm going to be writing about each overall position of the Royals organization. Not only will this help with my own research for such a list but also will hopefully provide a 10,000 foot overview of each position. Hopefully it will introduce you to some names and work as a position-by-position primer for the rankings (whenever they come out).

In this series I'll cover each position, working my way numerically based off of the fielding position numbers (catchers will be the starting group since we'll save pitchers for last). Rather than providing a very deep coverage of every single player, I'll present to you several players at that respective decision, their stats for the year, and some brief words on those that are worth knowing. Again the idea is to help every familiarize themselves with hopeful future Royals players while allowing me to earmark some guys too for my full list.

So see this as a primer to the series. If you have any general questions about the system or remarks, leave them below. Also if there is anything you specifically want to see covered in this series let me know.

*I should note and give due credit to Lookout Landing for the name of the series as it's brilliantly simple.

Overall Thoughts on the farm

It's hard to argue anything but the fact that the farm is weak. Much weaker than it has been in quite some time. It's much closer to the early-2000's systems than the mid-to-late '00's. The 2006-2007 system at least had a Alex Gordon and Billy Butler. This system is lacking any big impact players at this foreseeable moment. There are a few guys who have above average upside, but nobody of the caliber like Alex Gordon was thought to be at the time.

I'll go deeper into this with the full list later, but there just isn't much there at the moment, and what talent is existence is contained to AA or lower really. There were some bright spots like Matt Strahm, Josh Staumont's last few weeks, Samir Duenez, Meibrys Viloria, etc... but those are all guys who weren't necessarily seen as being bigger prospects in the sense that they were drafted early. Most of the Royals first round picks the past few years seem to be on their way to being a bust. Whether that's poor draft, poor development, or just prospect attrition is a question for another time.