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Royals Rumblings - News for November 4, 2016

Championship parades are fun.

MLB: World Series-Parade Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for November 4, 2016

Lee Judge takes issue with the defensive metrics on Eric Hosmer’s range.

If the BIS scorers are working off game video, that’s a problem. One of my complaints about watching games on TV is that they rarely show defensive alignment. UZR “stringers” can’t include where a player started if those stringers aren’t actually at the games; like everybody else, they’re at the mercy of what TV chooses to show them.

Ask the people in uniform about Hosmer’s range and you’ll hear his range to his glove-side is about average, while his range to his arm-side is below average. So the Royals often push his positioning toward his arm-side and that can cause a problem when using UZR to compare players. Josh Stein, San Diego Padres Assistant General Manager has said UZR: “Can be skewed if the player is not starting from the exact middle of [UZR's zone] chart."

And here’s something else to think about: first basemen scoops are not included in UZR. When I asked Swavely why not, he said scoops had nothing to do with range. But as we’ve already seen, the ability to use good footwork around the bag does increase the size of the target the other infielders are throwing to.

Darin Watson at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City writes about relinquishing the crown to the Cubs.

So, if there are any Indians fans reading this, you have nothing to feel bad about. That might not erase the sting, but I think eventually you’ll feel better. Your team had a great season and earned its AL Central and American League titles. And you can take heart in the example of the 2015 Royals, who rode that frustration over losing the previous World Series to a title of their own. Your team is talented enough to do it, and the Royals-Indians-Tigers battle for division supremacy next year looks to be special.

On the flip side, if there are any Cubs fans reading this, congratulations. Your team is certainly a worthy heir to the Royals’ crown. I know what a 30-year title drought felt like, but I can only imagine the relief you feel after ending one more than three times as long. Like so many Royals fans last year (not me, I’m old), you are enjoying your first Series title. It probably doesn’t feel real yet; it didn’t for me for a long time. We’re all different, so I can’t say exactly when it will hit you. But it will.

Statcast looks at the Royals leaders for the 2016 season.

Some of what was learned isn't all that surprising. Designated hitter Kendrys Morales, on average, produced the hardest-hit balls for the Royals. Morales led the team with 30 homers and batted .297 with a .895 OPS after May 30. Starter Yordano Ventura, on average, was hit the hardest of the Royals' starters. Ventura posted career highs in ERA (4.45), WHIP (1.44) and batting average against (.263).

But did you know that beleaguered Royals reliever Joakim Soria actually ranked near the top of the staff in giving up the fewest hard-hit balls on average?

Leigh Oleszczak at KC Kingdom thinks the cluttered Royals outfield may mean a trade is in the works.

RIP Rally Mantis, Jr.

Royals advance scout Alec Zumwalt explains why Alex Gordon was held up in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series.

Kansas City got huge ratings for the World Series.

Josh Staumont had another great outing in the Arizona Fall League with four scoreless.

The Cubs are up there with the 1985 Royals for teams that won with their backs against the wall.

There was a method to Joe Maddon’s madness.

The Royals continued a tradition by sending pizza to the Cubs front office.

Royals bench coach Don Wakamatsu is out of the running for Diamondbacks manager.

The Giants are interested in Greg Holland.

Drew Butera and Peter Moylan are among the 139 players that filed for free agency.

The Tigers ship outfielder Cameron Maybin to the Angels.

Matthew Pouliot ranks the top 111 free agents this winter.

Should rosters expand to 26 players?

The Justice Department sues AT&T for blocking the Dodgers TV channel.

Is Jamaal Charles done for the year?

Two Australian men faked their way into a golf tournament in North Korea.

The totally bonkers occult mind-control allegations that could bring down the South Korean government.

Inside the final days of the Borders Bookstore bankruptcy.

Breaking down the secrets of the Wonder Woman trailer.

Your song of the day is Barenaked Ladies with Brian Wilson.