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Royals Rumblings - News for November 9, 2016

So...what’s new?

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for November 9, 2016

Dayton Moore is at the General Manager meetings and cautioned that the Royals do not expect to be players in the free agent market.

“Our market is going to present some limitations at times,” Moore said. “And we want to make astute baseball decisions based on the future performance of the player and also where the economics (fit) with regard to the payroll.

“We’re not going to be in a position to significantly add payroll. I can say that with all certainty.”

Moore paused for a second, before adding a disclaimer.

“At this point in time,” he said.

Sam Mellinger looks at what second base may look like for the Royals next year.

They’re giving Cheslor Cuthbert the opportunity to learn or prove he can play second base this offseason, but I don’t know anyone in baseball who believes that’ll happen.

After that, you’re probably gong to see the same guys you’ve seen — Whit Merrifield, Christian Colon, and Raul Mondesi.

The Royals want Mondesi to win the job. He has the highest ceiling, and even without hitting well can help win games with his defense and speed. But he was clearly overmatched against big league pitching last year, almost to a Tony Pena Jr. level.

I believe Christian Colon will be out of options next year. If I’m right about that, it gives him a significant advantage for a roster spot, because like all teams, the Royals want to protect #inventory. Colon can still be a utility guy, not the everyday second baseman, which means the competition may end up being between Mondesi and Merrifield.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports on the Greg Holland showcase.

The consensus was Holland looked healthy. He threw exclusively fastballs and sliders. His fastball was mainly 89-90 mph, well short of his 95.5 mph career average. But as one scout in attendance said: “He had good extension, which suggests he is healthy. This is his fastball in November, 13 months after surgery — it will be something else in spring training. But this is the key now: What does he look like in four months? That is really what you are trying to figure out.”

Holland’s representative, Scott Boras, said teams that do not think they can shop in the Chapman/Jansen/Melancon aisle have told him they are in on Holland. He said he anticipates doing a multi-year deal because that is Holland’s desire, but not for significant length. It is possible Holland, who turns 31 later this month, could sign a two-year deal with a good — but not great — base salary and a lot of incentives to get his salary high if he performs well.

Tony Blengino at Fangraphs looks at contact management among American League pitchers.

Danny Duffy is another strong K/BB guy with a chance to be a much better contact manager in the future. He’s been a strong pop-up generator in the past, but he dropped off in that regard this season. Like Archer, he was very unlucky on the ground, also posting a 150 Unadjusted Contact Score, adjusted down to 104 for context. All those fly balls are a bit scary, but in that park, with that outfield defense, Duffy can enjoy success.

Salvador Perez wins his fourth Gold Glove, while Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon are passed over. Here are the rest of the winners.

Grant Brisbee ranks the free agents.

The Tigers are looking to cut payroll.

White Sox GM Rick Hahn says their rifts with Chris Sale won’t cause him to be traded.

The Orioles are interested in Ian Desmond.

A history of the MLBPA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Will Leitch has his 2016 tortured baseball fanbase index.

Sega Genesis is coming back, so here are the top ten sports games.

The NCAA won’t levy “Penn State-style” sanctions on Baylor for their sexual assault scandal.

Will delivery drones mean the end of ownership?

When did candidates start making concession calls to their opponents?

The most evil fictional presidents.

Your song of the day is OK Go with WTF (NSFW, language):