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The Best of Royals Review in 2016

Can Royals Review bounce back in 2017?

The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Roaming Show Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Critics' Choice Awards

Royals Review had a down year in 2016. It certainly was not a championship season for our blog as last year was. Maybe it was the injuries. Matthew LaMar missed some time with a sprained finger. We lost Kevin Ruprecht. Injuries and age took their toll on Max Rieper. We’re not using injuries as an excuse, but they are the reason we had a down year.

Hopefully we can bounce back next year with a banner year. In the meantime, enjoy this, the best of what Royals Review had to offer in 2016.

Best Opinion

Max Rieper was tired of writers like Dieter Kurtenbach portraying the Royals as villains.

Matthew LaMar pointed out that last year’s championship trophy wouldn’t help matters much in 2016.

He also wrote about why he will always love Joakim Soria, despite this year’s struggles.

Shaun Newkirk was not a fan of the Ian Kennedy deal.

And he took issue with sports talk’s Bob Fescoe dismissing analytics.

Max Rieper has defended Yordano Ventura but admitted that maybe he’s a jerk.

J.K. Ward ruminated on luck, both good and bad.

Best Analysis

Matthew LaMar illuminated the quiet excellent of Jarrod Dyson.

Max Rieper wrote it was time to part ways with Omar Infante weeks before the team did.

He also took an in-depth look at ten years of Dayton Moore in Kansas City.

And wondered if maybe we should worry about Salvador Perez’s head injuries.

Shaun Newkirk examined the farm system in his Top 60 prospect rankings.

He also took a critical eye to Cheslor Cuthbert’s defense.

Farmhand highlighted the awful pedestrian access to the stadium.

Best History

We took a look back at the game thread for the 2014 Wild Card game.

Ewing Kauffman would have turned 100 this year, so Max Rieper looked back at his life.

He also looked back at the team that abandoned Kansas City - the Athletics.

And looked back at the history of Royals broadcasters.

Hokius had a great series on the history of Royals prospects.

sterlingice finished off his recaps of the 2015 run with the World Series game to end it all.

Farmhand honored the memory of William Hoy, who overcame being deaf to play baseball.

Best Game Recap

Opening Night was a fine start to the year.

Chris Young gave up so...many....dongs.

J.K. Ward did a fine job recapping a bonkers comeback against the White Sox.

Josh Duggan captured the improbable Jarrod Dyson grand slam.

An 11-4 beatdown at the hands of the Indians turned into a GIF party for Matthew LaMar.

sterlingice got alliterative in this late-season loss to the Indians.

Best Humor

Matthew LaMar provided a peek at some of our unfinished work.

Hokius looked at the Royals as Game of Thrones characters.

And suggested some changes to the game of baseball.

Tim Webber investigated Sluggerrr’s birthday party and came up with more questions than answers.

David Rand wrote a satire on how the Royals were pre-occupied with Dungeons and Dragons that actually fooled at least one blog.

sterlingice came up with the Rally Zoo commandments.

Best Fanposts

gross(est) recounted her trip to Royals FanFest.

cmkeller revisted Rob Neyer’s big book of Royals lineups. Here’s Part Two.

kcstengelsr wrote about his trip to Kauffman Stadium.

artzfreak analyzed our game threads and the results were frightening.

IanBadeer had a neat game where you had to select your best all-Dayton Moore team.

IMissKauffman explained thoracic outlet syndrome, the latest affliction to strike Kyle Zimmer.

royalcoffee took a look at this week in Royals Review history.

CompmanJX3 reported the Royals were taking up mantis farming.

im_not_that_bright channeled Dostoyevsky to review the 2016 season.

Joel Rains said “thank you” to the Royals for all the special moments.

CobraCy took his annual look at what to find in the Royals online store, then gave us a holiday edition!

Best GIFs/Videos/Photoshops/Social Media

The Royals and Carolina Panthers tweeted at each other, and things got a bit awkward.

Royals minor leaguer Cody Decker put together a terrific comedic short film parody of E:60 on ESPN.

Edinson Volquez wore his spring training hat on Opening Night, opening the floodgates for jokes.

Before they broke up, Eric Hosmer and Kacie McDonnell made a pretty funny Vine.

A hilarious MLB commercial starring the Royals provided some fodder.

Royals fans rang up Orioles hitters.

Dan Szymborski recreated the Yordano Ventura/Manny Machado brawl for WWE.

Danny Duffy created a tribute video to Rally Mantis (RIP).

Christian Colon had a clever way to reveal the gender of his baby.

With the end of Vine, we looked back at the best Royals-related Vines of all time.

Seems like we should have a Taco Bell sponsorship by now.

Best Comments

Yea, baseball.

It was from 2015, but Gopherballs looks prescient on the Joakim Soria signing.

Won’t someone think of the teachers?

Farmhand has dad jokes for days.

1040X figured out why the Royals were slumping.

When the Royals got hot, Farmhand was ready.

2motley4thetitle provided some perspective on the Royals simply being in it.


The Royals got to visit the White House, which included a Facebook live interview with Royals Review from Press Secretary and Royals fan Josh Earnest, who even penned a guest column for the site.

ESPN’s Karl Ravech spoke to us before the season opener to talk about the Royals chances.

The 2016 Off-Season GM Simulation gave us transactions unlike real life.

Josh Duggan explained his moves as Royals GM.

Lee Judge got caught recycling.

Kansas City looked good for Dressed to the Nines Day.

Local retailer Charlie Hustle came up with a funny ad based on one of our articles on Rex Hudler’s sayings.

Max Rieper and Minda Haas Kuhlmann were part of a panel for Pitch Talks along with baseball greats Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, and Amos Otis.

Thanks again for a great year!