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Sports book sets Royals over/under win total at 87 wins

Its tied for the highest total in the American League.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Royals confounded many of the experts last year in winning 95 games and the 2015 World Series, but they may not be able to sneak up on teams this year. The first sports linemaker, Atlantis Reno, has released over/under win totals for the 2016 MLB season and have the Royals set at 87 win. The total is tied with the Toronto Blue Jays as the highest win total in the league. Last year Atlantis had the over/under win total for the Royals set at 83 before the year.

The linemaker shows some deference to win totals last year, giving last year's ALDS participants - the Royals, Blue Jays, Rangers, and Astros - the four highest win totals. The gambling world expects the Red Sox and Tigers to both bounce back, and the Twins to fall back to earth. The Giants have the highest over/under win total in all of baseball at 90, with the Cubs right behind them at 89. Last year's National League champion, the New York Mets, are at 88.

Westgate Sports Book has released World Series odds, and the Royals are currently at 14/1, the tenth-best odds in baseball. The current odds are slightly worse than what they were immediately after the World Series, when the Royals were at 12/1 odds to repeat in November. The Cubs are overwhelming favorites at 9/2. Only the Red Sox and Astros have better odds than the Royals in the American League, at 12/1 each.

Remember, casinos generally set sports line not on what will actually happen, but to generate the most action on both sides. The Royals have exceeded expectations in each of the last three seasons, and as any gambler will tell you, a hot streak will remain hot until its not anymore. So put it all on the Royals.

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