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Friday OT Thread: Moms and mean things

Open that up.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

This open, off-topic thread is brought to late by: heavy drinking followed by hangover.

1. Maybe you survived food poisoning. Maybe you had to eat it ten too many times. Regardless of circumstance, we all have things we'd rather not eat again. What is the one dish you never want to eat again?

2. Mother's tend to get the short end of the memories stick. What is your favorite memory of a time spent with your mother?

3. Maybe you loved pre-sex-scandal Gary Hart. Perhaps you wanted to blaze the campaign trail with Paul Tsongas. What unsuccessful presidential candidate from campaigns past do you feel got overlooked and could have been a good president if given the chance?

4. As a child, what is the meanest thing anyone ever did to you?

5. As a child, what is the meanest thing you ever did to someone else?

Boner #1: Burger King or McDonald's?

Boner #2: Futbol or handball?