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Royals Rumblings - News for February 24, 2016

Hey Royals, need my ring size?

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Royals Rumblings - News for February 24, 2016

Dayton Moore talks about why he didn't think tanking was the right strategy for the Royals.

John Schuerholz, the longtime GM of the Atlanta Braves and Moore’s old boss, told him no matter the size of the project, "Never lose sight of winning major league games." Moore smiled. "We tried," he said. There were times — the Royals lost 97 games in 2009 and 95 more the next season — when, Moore recalled, "Fans were kinda, ‘Damn, where is this going?’"

He considered Schuerholz’s advice and did not trade Joakim Soria, his closer, during that time, he said, "Because it was important to have examples of greatness in your clubhouse." He believed Soria was not only one of the better relievers in the game, but a great teammate, friend, husband and father. You know, someone has to help raise all these minor leaguers. The game can’t do it by itself.

Craig Brown at Royals Authority likes the Royals starting pitching depth.

Without question, there are legitimate questions with regard to the top of the rotation (nine ‘number four’ starters is just too much of not enough) and you cannot point to one starter in the group that is without concerns, but there is also not one starter in this group (maybe Gee is one) that is without the potential to be a good major league starting pitcher. If nine back of the rotation guys is bad, then four middle rotation guys and a hot hand at the five spot with this bullpen is certainly good enough.

Dan Szymborski at ESPN writes that Ian Kennedy is one of the top ten worst contracts in baseball (INSIDER):

People have suggested that Kennedy's ERA might look fine in Kansas City because the Royals have a terrific outfield defense. That's accurate, of course, but that value would be from said outfield defense, not anything Kennedy does. I also share the notion that pitching coach Dave Eiland is some kind of warlock, using dark Lovecraftian magic to wring solid performances out of pitchers such as Edinson Volquez, Chris Young and Joe Blanton. But again, that's Eiland's value, not anything Kennedy does. If the Royals were to trade Kennedy at the point they were allowed to, presumably they're not sending along their pitching coach and outfield to go along with him.

Anthony Castrovince writes that Omar Infante is one of the veterans around baseball looking to bounce back.

Though he came dangerously close to being voted into the All-Star Game starting lineup by ravenous Royals fans, Infante had a terrible '15 at the plate, posting a puny .220/.234/.318 slash line. Perhaps he just hasn't been the same since getting hit in the face by a fastball in April 2014. Or maybe the shoulder injury that necessitated offseason surgery is the culprit. Whatever the case, the Royals want to see life in Infante's bat this spring.

Dan Farnsworth at Fangraphs evaluates Royals prospects.

Some surprises on the list include keeping Kyle Zimmer at the top. The reports I’ve heard give Zimmer a great chance at getting a full, healthy season in this year, and his potential as a frontline starter hasn’t gone away. Raul Adalberto Mondesi slips into the 45+ FV group for me because I want to see him turn his tools into in-game production before totally buying in, but the potential there is as good as anyone in the system. I project Foster Griffin and Ryan O’Hearn higher than most, as I like a lot of what they both bring to the table, though Griffin is much more unproven at this stage.

Jarrod Dyson had a spill in camp.

That's what gravity do.

Mike Moustakas' change in approach, visualized.

Alcides Escobar will miss the beginning of spring training after the passing of his uncle.

The Royals get fitted for their championship rings.

The Orioles sign Dexter Fowler to a three-year deal.

Bryce Harper doesn't think he's a leader.

Jose Bautista wants a ton of money.

The agent for Cuban star Lazaro Armenteros drops the player after receiving death threats.

A three-team deal involving Jay Bruce to the Blue Jays seems dead.

Yoenis Cespedes arrives to spring training in style.

The top 100 NFL free agents.

The NFL is ordered by a judge to stop hiding revenues from the player pool.

Seven international travelers give advice on how to meet people on the road.

Are coincidences just a glitch in the matrix or do they reveal something about how our brains work?

Stan Lee has a complicated legacy.

sweet tribute to comedian Mitch Hedberg.

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