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Get your "Salvy Splash" t-shirts from BreakingT

Its Gatorade-resistant!

The Royals will soon be back in action, which means you need the latest Royals gear. Are you still wearing that Jason Kendall shirsey? Rewind yourself!

Salvador Perez is fresh of winning the World Series MVP and becoming a Tonight Show sensation due to his post-game Gatorade bucket splashes. His billboard in Westport has become a media sensation and a popular spot for fans to take selfies. So show your support for Salvy and his wacky hijinks with a "Salvy Splash" t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT.

The shirts are comfortable, made of cotton, and best of all WATER-RESISTANT. You know, in case you ever get the game-winning hit, and Salvy gets you!

Of course, you can still get your Wade Davis "The Final Out" shirts just to rub it in the faces of the New York Mets on Opening Night or any of the great Royals shirts at BreakingT like their Yordano Ventura "Throw Fire" shirt.