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Royals Review Radio: Episode 16 - The Oscars Edition

Let's talk Oscars, film, and everything else

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Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Many millennials seem to seek acceptance from society through means of compensation, job titles, and accolades. While many, if not most, oscar nominated actors are not millennials, they still do seek accolades. While many such actors (regardless again of their age) say that they perform for the love of the work (despite making large sums of money for doing so) they also love accolades. And not only do actors generally enjoy their awards, film studios love to "pimp" that their produced film have award winning performers. Perhaps we only seek awards as a fulfillment of our hierarchy of needs, or maybe it's to indulge in our most base sexual nature and motives. For whatever personal reason you think we seek acceptance, there is an organization (known as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) that feed those needs by handing out "Oscars."

In this episode we'll shy away from or normal Royals-centric talk, and instead focus on film, media, pop culture, and the Oscars specifically.

Joined on this edition by your humble co-host (Shaun Newkirk) are both unparalleled film buffs Joshua K Ward and Josh Duggan.

Topics include:

Ward loves Congo

Duggan has a crush perhaps on Mark Ruffalo

Discussion on most of the major Oscar categories (Best Actor, Director, Film, etc...)

MLB equivalents to actors (such as Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, etc...)

Baseball Prospectus Annual player capsule guessing game

Brie Larson as the overwhelming favorite

Josh vs Josh in a game of: "Name the films of this actor" showdown

More Twitter followers: MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA


Introduction: Kanye West - Ultralight Beam

Outro: Kanye West - Facts

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