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Bo Jackson admits to getting ejected on purpose with Royals to be with daughter

Bo knows priorities

Former Royals superstar and two-sport athlete Bo Jackson was on the set of ESPN today to share stories about the NFL combine, but he also talked a little baseball, revealing that he once purposefully got ejected to be with his daughter while with the Royals.

Bo Jackson's daughter Morgan was a freshman at Auburn in 2009, which means she was probably born in 1990, Bo's last season in Kansas City. The only ejection I can find a record for that season for Bo was on March 30, 1990 in a spring training exhibition game against the Texas Rangers. It was a game in which Major League Baseball was using replacement umpires while the regular umpires were on strike.

''I said, 'Wasn't that pitch inside?' and just walked off,'' Jackson said after he was called out in an exhibition game between the Royals and Texas Rangers on Wednesday in Port Charlotte, Fla.

''He said, 'Don't question my call.' '' Since Bo knows strikes - especially third strikes, having seen so many of them - Jackson replied, ''Don't I have a right to?''

Jackson didn't realize that McCallum ejected him at that point. He found out as manager John Wathan came out of the dugout.

Learning that he was ejected, Jackson, a 6-foot-1, 225-pound running back for the Los Angeles Raiders in the offseason, charged back at McCallum. Wathan tried to block him. First-base coach Bob Schaefer tugged at him, but Jackson picked up Schaefer and set him aside.

''My wife told me I was gaining weight, but I didn't feel so heavy today,'' Schaefer said.

Players didn't paternity leave back then, so it makes sense that Bo would want to leave a meaningless spring training game to see the birth of his only daughter. Royals fans can rest easy knowing at least it was an exhibition game that Bo ducked out of to be with his daughter. Bo knows priorities.