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Tell us your playoff stories

We're interested in what you have to say.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Hello, Royals fans.

This year, I've been featuring an assortment of individuals related to the Royals' World Series run. These individuals have included journalists Sam Mellinger and Bob Dutton, community member and director of the Kansas City Symphony Michael Stern, and mayor of Kansas City Sly James. Moving forward, expect a few more interesting voices discussing the Royals.

Every year, Time Magazine presents the award for Person of the Year. In 2006, that person was You. No, seriously. You were that winner in 2006. If you were alive then, you can put it on your resume, though its utility will be stunted by the fact that your prospective employer is filled with Person of the Year winners (not to mention fellow job applicants), but it's the thought that counts.

Similarly, one of the interviewees I'd like to have for this series!

You are, arguably, the most important person. You filled the seats in Kauffman Stadium. You arrived at Union station with 799,999 of your closest friends. You are the reason why the Royals' victory was important.

So here's what we're going to do: I'm going to list a few questions here, and you can email your answers to us at Just tell us your first name and where you're from, and we will list some of the best answers next week. And, if you have a cool story outside these parameters, let us know!


1. What was your experience purchasing playoff tickets and going to playoff games like the last two years? Was it worth the hassle? What was your favorite playoff experience at Kauffman Stadium?

2. At what point did you finally start to believe that this team was special, or did you always have nagging doubts?

3. What moment from the last two years' fall postseasons will you never forget?

4. Who have you grown closer to over the last few years through the Royals' exciting success?

5. What has this World Series victory meant for you personally?

6. How, if at all, do you see your fandom changing after the last two years?