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Royals Rumblings - News for February 5, 2016

Sayonara, Jonny.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for February 5, 2016

Jonny Gomes explains his decision to go to Japan.

Firefighters fight fires. Painters paint. Baseball players play baseball. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter what country you play in or what organization you play for. Winning is the same everywhere. Winning is worldwide.

I was happy as hell to play on the dirt fields in Mexico, and in the Minors, and in the big leagues. And I’m gonna be fighting like hell to try and win a championship in Japan, just like I did everywhere else I’ve played. It’s not JV over there. Just watch the World Baseball Classic. These guys can compete with the best in the world, and win. They’re legit. And on top of that, it’s a new adventure for me and my family.

My wife Kristi has been an angel from above, letting me chase my dreams and build my baseball resumé, and hopping all over America to do it. And this move is no different. It’ll be exciting to share this experience with her and the kids, and to give our family an experience I never had when I was growing up: a chance to learn a different culture and experience something crazy and weird and different.

Craig Brown at Royals Authority marvels at the mashing of Kendrys Morales.

One thing that jumps out from the chart is the fact Morales hit some absolute bombs. The power was real, and it was spectacular. According to Hit Tracker, Morales of the 22 bombs he launched, 15 were classified as having "plenty" or "no doubt" status. The average speed of the ball of the bat was 103.7 mph and his average true landing distance was a shade over 400 feet at 403.6 feet. He played his home games in a yard that is supposed to suppress power, yet there wasn’t a ballpark that could contain Morales if he caught one right in 2015.

Danny Duffy talks about what his role might be for the Royals this year.

"I can't really go in with either mindset," Duffy said at the team's FanFest last weekend. "I need to go in thinking 'whatever.' I have a lot of confidence I can excel in either role.

"I learned a lot from being in the 'pen. And I learned a lot from my failures in the rotation. I've had some pretty good stretches as a starter. But out in the bullpen, I learned a lot, as well. I'm at the point where, 'Just give me a spot and I'll do whatever I can to make the team better.'"

Josh Donaldson admits that Wade Davis is the toughest pitcher has to face.

DRays Bay talks with former Royals reliever Kyle Farnsworth.

Commissioner Rob Manfred addresses the challenges MLB faces in the future.

The Mets are going with a six-man rotation.

The Blue Jays are getting close to the dirt by installing a full-dirt infield at Rogers Centre.

Political slogans for every MLB team.

What are some statistical milestones to look forward to in MLB this year?

Who do players think among their peers will make the best future manager?

Morale is low at CBS Sports as the organization has favored aggregation over original reporting.

How did the Super Bowl become the biggest event in American culture?

Who won National Signing Day?

How Google passed Apple to become the world's most valuable company.

The lives of professional con men.

Super Bowl halftime shows, ranked.

Your song of the day is The Heavy with "Set Me Free."