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Friday OT Thread: Lies we told our parents

Worst places to which we've traveled and dire financial straits.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Let's jump right in this week.

1. Maybe you threw a huge party at your house in which long standing damage was done, and you covered up that damage by setting it right superficially and let someone else "break" it later. Maybe you got into huge trouble at school for something that was your fault, but you blamed someone else. Whatever it was, what is the biggest lie you ever told your parents?

2. What are the most dire financial straits you have ever found yourself in and how did you extricate yourself from them?

3. What is the worst place to which your travels have taken you? What made it so bad?

4. The people who influence us in our youth don't always come from where we would have expected. What person from an unexpected place influenced who you are or what you like?

5. What is the last thing you saw, read, or heard that blew away your low expectations?

Boner #1: Field or stream?

Boner #2: Mogwai or Gremlin?