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Royals Review Radio - Episode 16: The Top 60 Prospect List

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Started from the bottom

In a way...we are all prospects of some sort. Inherently inside us there is the built in risk for us to fail. There is no pedigree that automatically breeds success. You can increase your probability to succeed (in whatever it is you are trying to succeed in) but there is no absolute outcome.

Harvard graduates go bankrupt, the best singer in the world can die young, and your dirty dishes don't always turn into penicillin. Big things don't always have small beginnings.

We all fail in some way. Then we die, too.

What people forget is a journey to nowhere starts with a single step, too.

On this episode we discuss my top 60 prospect lists. In a turn of events, I was temporarily relieved of my hosting duties. Instead, Max Rieper returns to his original podcast role of host. Joining us is podcast stalwart and unofficial third host Josh Ward.

Topics include:

Shaun's Top 60 prospect list

Which prospects could break out?

Enigmatic Kyle Zimmer

Inconsistent Miguel Almonte

Semi-wunderkind Miguel Almonte

Polyglot Marten Gasparini

Wild Josh Staumont

Lumberjack Ryan O'Hearn

Underwhelming Hunter Dozier

Sleeping prospects

JIFs (sic)


Introduction: Damien Rice - Delicate

Outro: Bright Eyes - Easy/Lucky/Free