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Royals Rumblings - News for March 10, 2016

Can the Royals find this "secret" Rumblings?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for March 10, 2016

Jeffrey Flanagan has a Q&A up at with designated hitter Kendrys Morales. In it, Morales talks about the warming relations to his home country:

Q: Cuba seems to be opening up more with baseball and allowing exhibition games. Are you surprised about this?

Morales: "It's about time for Cuba to allow these players to be put into the same field with Major League players to see how they measure up with Major League talent. Hopefully down the road it will give those guys an opportunity to play in the United States."

Jose Martinez will be a fan favorite with coffee drinkers.

Royals outfielder Jose Martinez, better known as "Cafecito" in Venezuela, proudly answers to his childhood nickname every time he hears it. The moniker is a tribute to Martinez's late father, former Major Leaguer Carlos "Café" Martinez, and it's one of the most recognizable handles in the Venezuela. It also has added significance this month. Martinez, who signed with the Royals as a Minor League free agent before last season after almost a decade in the White Sox and Braves' organizations, is still yearning for his first taste of the Major Leagues.

In English, Jose Martinez's nickname means "a little cup of coffee."

MilB ranks the "under-21" talent in each farm system and grades the Royals a "C+".

Despite being only 20, this will be Mondesi's fifth season leading the charge for the Royals' U-21 contingent. It could be his last, with Kansas City calling up the speedy shortstop, who's also solid defensively, for last fall's World Series. He's likely be headed back to Double-A Northwest Arkansas to start 2016 but could be aggressively pushed to Triple-A Omaha, with a return to Kansas City likely if anything happens to Alcides Escobar. There's some solid, but not great, young pitching behind him in Russell & Co., while Italian sensation Gasparini trying to become the club's next shortstop wunderkind in his first full season.

Rustin Dodd gets the straight dope from Ned Yost, apparently a former beekeeper, on saving bees. Weighing in on the importance of bees:

"It’s just important for the environment," said Yost, who spends offseasons at his farm in rural Georgia. "I saw a study a couple years ago where the honey bee was declining and they cannot figure out why. And I started looking at it and studying it, the importance of what they do, in terms of pollination with all the crops. Especially the fruit trees and stuff like that. They’re vital to the environment.

"To just arbitrarily kill a bunch of bees makes zero sense to me. I’m not like that with a lot of stuff, right. But I’m a conservationist. I love conservation. I love the aspect of wildlife, fish, I love that stuff. But there’s things that you have to do."

Mike Axisa reports that the Royals were escorted out of Tim Lincecum's secret throwing location in Arizona after crashing the party, all of which Jon Heyman caught wind of.

Having not quite made the move to BP Kansas City yet, David Lesky sizes up the potential of the rotation this year. Talking on Kyle Zimmer, he advocates for a spot in the rotation out of Spring Training, opining:

The other guy I’m very excited about is Kyle Zimmer, who I think should be the fifth starter to start the year as long as he earns that job. It’s easy to see the upside with Zimmer. He has three above average pitches, good command, good control and fantastic stuff in general. If that new cutter of his is as good as many think it will be, man, the Royals really have something. I wouldn’t count on Zimmer for 200 innings this season, and the Royals aren’t, but if he can give them 15-20 starts before the team needs to back off him, he’s the guy who could give Medlen an inning-for-inning run for his money.

Following up on his piece making the opposite argument last week, the Pine Tar Press's Darin Watson lists the five reasons the Royals could miss the playoffs. When talking about injuries, he says:

Let’s not pretend the Royals were lucky with injuries last year. Key contributors like Alex Gordon, Greg Holland, and Jason Vargas all missed a lot of time with injuries. Even when they were available, they often were not at their most effective. Rios also missed time with a hand injury, and was probably less of a player because of it when he returned. We already touched on Infante’s elbow injury; although he played through it, he wasn’t helping the team offensively.

Ryan Heffernon argues that it's time to test Christian Colon's mettle at Kings of Kauffman.

The Becoming Royal series at the Star continues with a feature on Ian Kennedy.

Redditor Stonewater put together a GIF database featuring every type of pitch thrown by every major league pitcher.

It looks like Chewie is going to be appearing in the Han Solo Star Wars spin-off Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film.

Edward Snowden chimes in on the FBI's claim that it can't access the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, calling said claim fraudulent--well not fraudulent, exactly.

Louisiana's state government is traversing through dire straits, with a gigantic budget shortfall looming.

Blake Harris talks with storyboard artist Gabriel Hardman about the, um, less good films he has worked on that were ignominiously featured on How Did This Get Made?

Your song of the day is "Alone Again Or" by Love.