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Royals announce 2016 television schedule

Tune in!

Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

The Royals announced their 2016 television schedule with all games either televised by Fox Sports Kansas City or a national broadcast partner.

The Royals made their first appearance on national television on opening night, kicking off the Major League season with a re-match against the New York Mets on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball on April 3. Their April 20 home game against the Tigers has been picked up for a Wednesday night broadcast on ESPN. The May 16 home game against the Boston Red Sox has also been picked up for a national broadcast.

The Royals are scheduled to make three national appearances on FOX, starting on June 4 in Cleveland against the Indians. The FOX broadcast crew will travel to Kansas City on consecutive Saturdays - on June 18, when the Royals host the Tigers, and on June 25, when they host the Astros in a re-match of last year's American League Divisional Series.

The Royals are scheduled to make five appearances on cable channel Fox Sports 1. They make their first appearance on April 21 as they host the Detroit Tigers, then appear on consecutive Saturdays in July - the 16th at the Tigers, and the 23rd at home against the Rangers. FS1 will be counting on a division race when they broadcast the Tigers at the Royals on Saturday, September 3, and the race could come down to the wire for a broadcast of the Indians at the Royals on Saturday, October 1.

The three dates left to be determined are all Sunday dates - August 28 at the Red Sox, September 4 vs. the Tigers, and September vs. the Tigers.

Fox Sports Kansas City will also air ten spring training games, beginning this Saturday evening against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Each Fox Sports Kansas City broadcast will be preceded by a 30-minute pregame show, "HyVee Royals Live" hosted by Joel Goldberg and Jeff Montgomery, and followed by the post-game "Boulevard Royals Live" show.

Date Opponent Time TV
Sun, 4/3 Mets 7:37p ESPN
Tue, 4/5 Mets 3:15p FSKC
Fri, 4/8 Twins 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 4/9 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 4/10 Twins 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 4/11 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Tue, 4/12 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Wed, 4/13 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Thu, 4/14 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Fri, 4/15 at Athletics 9:05p FSKC
Sat, 4/16 at Athletics 3:05p FSKC
Sun, 4/17 at Athletics 3:05p FSKC
Tue, 4/19 Tigers 6:15p FSKC
Wed, 4/20 Tigers 6:15p ESPN
Thu, 4/21 Tigers 6:15p FS1
Fri, 4/22 Orioles 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 4/23 Orioles 6:15p FSKC, MLB Network
Sun, 4/24 Orioles 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 4/25 at Angels 9:05p FSKC
Tue, 4/26 at Angels 9:05p FSKC
Wed, 4/27 at Angels 9:05p FSKC
Fri, 4/29 at Mariners 9:10p FSKC
Sat, 4/30 at Mariners 8:10p FSKC
Sun, 5/1 at Mariners 3:10p FSKC
Mon, 5/2 Nationals 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 5/3 Nationals 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 5/4 Nationals 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 5/6 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Sat, 5/7 at Indians 3:10p FSKC
Sun, 5/8 at Indians 12:10p FSKC
Mon, 5/9 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Tue, 5/10 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Wed, 5/11 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Thu, 5/12 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Fri, 5/13 Braves 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 5/14 Braves 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 5/15 Braves 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 5/16 Red Sox 6:05p ESPN
Tue, 5/17 Red Sox 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 5/18 Red Sox 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 5/20 at White Sox 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 5/21 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Sun, 5/22 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 5/23 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Tue, 5/24 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Wed, 5/25 at Twins 12:10p FSKC
Thu, 5/26 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 5/27 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 5/28 White Sox 1:15p FSKC
Sun, 5/29 White Sox 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 5/30 Rays 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 5/31 Rays 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 6/1 Rays 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 6/2 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Fri, 6/3 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Sat, 6/4 at Indians 6:15p FOX
Sun, 6/5 at Indians 12:10p FSKC
Mon, 6/6 at Orioles 6:05p FSKC
Tue, 6/7 at Orioles 6:05p FSKC
Wed, 6/8 at Orioles 6:05p FSKC
Fri, 6/10 at White Sox 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 6/11 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Sun, 6/12 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 6/13 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 6/14 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 6/15 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 6/16 Tigers 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 6/17 Tigers 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 6/18 Tigers 7:15p FOX
Sun, 6/19 Tigers 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 6/21 at Mets 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 6/22 at Mets 12:10p FSKC
Fri, 6/24 Astros 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 6/25 Astros 6:15p FOX
Sun, 6/26 Astros 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 6/27 Cardinals 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 6/28 Cardinals 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 6/29 at Cardinals 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 6/30 at Cardinals 6:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/1 at Phillies 6:05p FSKC
Sat, 7/2 at Phillies 4:50p FSKC
Sun, 7/3 at Phillies 12:35p FSKC
Mon, 7/4 at Blue Jays 6:07p FSKC
Tue, 7/5 at Blue Jays 6:07p FSKC
Wed, 7/6 at Blue Jays 6:07p FSKC
Thu, 7/7 Mariners 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/8 Mariners 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 7/9 Mariners 3:15p FSKC
Sun, 7/10 Mariners 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/15 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Sat, 7/16 at Tigers 6:08p FS1
Sun, 7/17 at Tigers 12:08p FSKC
Mon, 7/18 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 7/19 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 7/20 Indians 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/22 Rangers 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 7/23 Rangers 6:15p FS1
Sun, 7/24 Rangers 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 7/25 Angels 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 7/26 Angels 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 7/27 Angels 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 7/28 at Rangers 7:05p FSKC
Fri, 7/29 at Rangers 7:05p FSKC
Sat, 7/30 at Rangers 7:05p FSKC
Sun, 7/31 at Rangers 1:05p FSKC
Mon, 8/1 at Rays 6:10p FSKC
Tue, 8/2 at Rays 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 8/3 at Rays 6:10p FSKC
Thu, 8/4 at Rays 11:10a FSKC
Fri, 8/5 Blue Jays 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 8/6 Blue Jays 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 8/7 Blue Jays 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 8/9 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 8/10 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 8/11 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 8/12 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 8/13 at Twins 6:10p FSKC
Sun, 8/14 at Twins 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 8/15 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Tue, 8/16 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Wed, 8/17 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Thu, 8/18 Twins 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 8/19 Twins 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 8/20 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 8/21 Twins 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 8/23 at Marlins 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 8/24 at Marlins 6:10p FSKC
Thu, 8/25 at Marlins 6:10p FSKC
Fri, 8/26 at Red Sox 6:10p FSKC
Sat, 8/27 at Red Sox 6:10p FSKC
Sun, 8/28 at Red Sox 12:35p TBD
Mon, 8/29 Yankees 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 8/30 Yankees 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 8/31 Yankees 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 9/2 Tigers 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 9/3 Tigers 6:15p FS1
Sun, 9/4 Tigers 1:15p TBD
Mon, 9/5 at Twins 1:10p FSKC
Tue, 9/6 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Wed, 9/7 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Fri, 9/9 at White Sox 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 9/10 at White Sox 6:10p FSKC
Sun, 9/11 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 9/12 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Tue, 9/13 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Wed, 9/14 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Thu, 9/15 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Fri, 9/16 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 9/17 White Sox 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 9/18 White Sox 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 9/20 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 9/21 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Thu, 9/22 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Fri, 9/23 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Sat, 9/24 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Sun, 9/25 at Tigers 12:08p TBD
Tue, 9/27 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Wed, 9/28 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Thu, 9/29 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Fri, 9/30 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 10/1 Indians 6:15p FS1
Sun, 10/2 Indians 2:15p FSKC