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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 12, 2016

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Could the Duffman's days in KC be numbered?

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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 12, 2016

Beyond the Boxscore looks at what an Eric Hosmer contract extension might look like.

After combining all the aforementioned extensions into account, I would sign Eric Hosmer to an extension reaching 6 years for $110 million. The above extensions were taken into account through a number of factors. Hosmer came in on the younger end of the age spectrum,and a six year commitment is in line with recent, young fan favorites. This extension would allow Hosmer to be a free agent at the age of 33 and give him the possibility of signing one more sizable contract during his career..

David Lesky thinks Danny Duffy's days as a Royals pitcher may be numbered.

Remember last week when I was taking about Brett Eibner and the organization’s unwillingness to promote him last year? I mentioned how sometimes they tell you things without telling you things. Another way this organization (and probably all others honestly) tells you things is through the reporters who are with the team day in and day out. One common murmur I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot is about Danny Duffy and his future. It seems like there’s not a ton of positive thoughts surrounding the lefty. You kind of get the impression that the organization isn’t thrilled with him. I get that to some extent. They had hoped he’d be a number two or three starter and he’s supposedly fighting for the fifth starter job (though I don’t think he’s really being considered). Hearing all this, you have to wonder if the Royals might not trade him at some point this spring to a team needing a reliever.

Rustin Dodd profiles Cody Decker, one of the more interesting players off the field.

In baseball circles, one might refer to Decker as a Renaissance Man, and the description would be apt. He is a utility guy who devotes his time to serious acting study, comedy and slugging fastballs 400 feet. He is, he admits, probably the only player in professional baseball who likes to read Stanislavsky for fun.

"Stanislavsky basically said, ‘You take down every line, and you find the deepest meaning behind each line,’ " Decker says, offering up a quick tutorial. "You constantly write down: ‘Why?’ ‘Why did the character say this?’ Because of this. ‘Well, why?’ "

David Hill at Kings of Kauffman writes that Amalani Fukofuka may be a breakout prospect this year for the Royals.

After struggling with the Burlington Royals in 2014, Fukofuka excelled in Idaho Falls, posting a .339/.401/.500 batting line while showing potential power and speed. Although he hit only three home runs, Fukofuka hit 18 doubles and nine triples while stealing ten bases. One has to imagine that as his 6’1″, 180 pound frame fills out, he will be able to add more power to his offensive profile.

Perhaps the biggest concern with Fukofuka at this stage is his propensity to strike out, as he struck out in exactly one quarter of his at bats. While he was almost two years younger than the average for the Pioneer League last season, one has to wonder if his aggressive tendencies will be a detriment as Fukofuka rises up the organizational ladder.

Royals farmhands Dominique Taylor (Germany) and Mauricio Ramos (Colombia) will participate in upcoming World Baseball Classic Qualifiers.

Former Royals infielder Willie Bloomquist has retired.

Mets reliever Jennry Mejia will appeal his lifetime suspension and alleges the ban is retribution from MLB for not snitching on a teammate.

Rangers hitter Prince Fielder is diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Jeff Sullivan asks "what kind of baseball dork are you?"

What are the 20 best sports days of the year?

Buddy Hield comes this close to an amazing shot to win the game for Oklahoma.

Wayne Selden's clock-wearing uncle cannot believe this sick dunk.

Statisticians agree that people need to stop misusing "p-values."

The feds are not ready for self-driving cars.

The 16 buzziest films at SXSW.

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