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Royals Review March Madness challenge, 2016 edition

It's that time of year again, folks.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

March Madness has come upon us quick, hasn't it?

March is the prelude to Spring, and it means two things: spring training, my birthday, and March Madness tournament fun. Alright then, three things.

Now, some of you may be college basketball fans. Others of you most certainly are not. Considering the close proximity of Lawrence, Kansas, home of the continuously excellent Jayhawks, there are probably at least a few of you out there. But as fans of the Royals, who won their most recent tournament, surely we are mostly interested in this whole postseason sports thing by now.

So we're going to have our own friendly version of the March Madness office tournament. Here are your instructions for how to participate. Also, find your printable bracket here.

  1. Go to the ESPN Tournament Challenge at
  2. If you don't already have an ESPN profile, sign up-it's free and there are no emails involved
  3. Under the 'My Groups' tab click 'Find a Group' and search for 'Royals Review - 2016' or click this link
  4. Enter the password of 2015champs
  5. You can then, under 'My Bracket,' choose your teams until the first round of 64 begins

Last year, we had 98 entries. Here are your top five entries:

1. Shaun Newkirk

2. Nighthawk at the Diner

3 (tie). jtr937

3 (tie). Chief Dakota

5. bressler_11

May the tournament anguish begin.