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Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2016

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Ned Yost is a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2016

David Lesky looks at how adding Dillon Gee to the roster affects the bullpen.

What’s become quite a competition is for the last spot (or maybe two) in the Royals bullpen. If the Royals start the season with seven relievers, they have Wade Davis, Kelvin Herrera, Joakim Soria, Luke Hochevar and likely Danny Duffy in the bullpen. With Gee added, there’s only one spot available. Some have mentioned the Royals keeping eight relievers, and they might, but they also play two games in the season’s first five days. I’m not sure they need to start with eight relievers.

So that leaves one spot. I thought that spot would be perfect for Brian Flynn, who was fantastic in spring training last year. He may yet get that spot, but he laid an egg on Sunday, giving up five runs in one inning. Ultimately, this spot will likely belong to Tim Collins, but I expect him to be on the same track as Hochevar last year and not make his debut for at least a month.

Mike Moustakas can't explain it, but he always hits well in Arizona.

"I’m working on going the other way," Moustakas says. "But I’ve gotten a couple of hanging change-ups and hanging breaking balls I’ve been able to pull. So it’s actually working out pretty good."

Moustakas has no great explanation for his dominance in Arizona. He is seeing the ball well, he says. He is working good at-bats. Other than that, the phenomenon is hard to explain. "He’s just locked in," manager Ned Yost said.

Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated picks Ian Kennedy as a player likely to bust this year.

While Kennedy's strikeout and walk rates were good (9.3 and 2.8 per nine, respectively), his 1.7 homers per nine was the majors' highest mark among ERA qualifiers, and his 17.2% rate of home runs per fly ball was far enough beyond his career mark of 10.7% to be written off as a fluke; his xFIP of 3.70 was serviceable. The Royals are banking that the move to Kauffman Stadium—where batters hit just 130 homers (36 fewer than Petco Park)—will help to normalize his homer rate, and that top defensive outfielders Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson will minimize the damage on the endless stream of fly balls that Kennedy generates (he hasn't posted a ground-ball rate above 40% since 2008). Perhaps the reunion with former Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland will pay off, but from here, this seems like an all-too-pricey bet on a proven mediocrity that the Royals will be obligated to keep on a long leash.

Sam Mellinger writes that Yordano Ventura is ready to take a step forward and credits his demotion last year as a turning point.

But the more you look at the timing of everything, and the more you talk to people around the organization, the more it becomes apparent that the real change occurred when Ventura heard that he was no longer a member of the big-league club.

"You could see it," catcher Sal Perez says. "It’s little things. To think about. ‘What’d I do wrong?’ It’s not just on the field, it’s off the field, too. ‘What did I do wrong? I need to sleep good; I can’t be tired during the day.’" "It was time to start new,"...

Ventura says. "To work hard for the team, and for me. It was a new start. Everybody has one moment, one day. This is my moment."

Watch Ned Yost break bricks with his bare hands!

Drew Butera refutes the rumors - he is NOT Ariane Grande's cousin.

The Star is looking for over-the-top Royals fans.

White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche, owed $13 million this year, has decided to retire.

The Mets place shortstop Ruben Tejada on waivers.

Is Munenori Kawasaki just having fun in Cubs camp or has he become their racial mascot?

Who has the most dead money on their roster?

FS1 is cutting jobs, as the network undergoes low morale.

Jon Bois wants to know who is the best Dave? Vote in his bracket!

Google will show campaign finance information in search results for candidates.

Scientists believe they have found a pregnant Tyrannosaurus rex fossil.

Disney announces Indiana Jones will come back for a fifth movie.

Your song of the day is Run DMC with "King of Rock."