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Royals vs. Cubs, Spring Training Game 17 Game Thread

The Cactus League championship looks out of reach.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Hey y'all. The Royals play the Cubs today in a game of Spring Training baseball that will be televised. Watch it! If you don't, Ned Yost will smash your dome. He will smash it into oblivion. You wouldn't like Ned Yost when he did that.

I'm not saying that he is the Yolk, but I am saying that I have never seen Ned Yost and the Yolk in the same room together. I think Ned Yost goes on hunting trips to release his alter ego.

Chris Young gets the start for the Royals today. Here is the lineup:

The Royals will face playoff hero Ben Zobrist (sad face) with John Lackey on the mound. Here is the Cubs lineup: