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Royals divisional odds, over/under win totals and prop bets at the sports book

The projections don't like the Royals, but what do the bookies say?

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While the projection systems still seem to cast doubt on the Royals' chances of succeeding in 2016, the sports books are a bit more optimistic. Bovada Sports Book has released its future wagers for the 2016 baseball season, and their opening line has the Royals with the fourth-highest over/under win total in the American League at 85.5. That still may be selling the Royals short, since they have averaged 91.5 wins the past two seasons, but it puts them behind only the Astros, Blue Jays, and Red Sox for highest win total.

American League O/U
Astros 87.5
Blue Jays 87.5
Red Sox 86.5
Royals 85.5
Yankees 85.5
Indians 84.5
Rangers 84.5
Mariners 82.5
Tigers 81.5
Angels 81.5
Rays 81.5
White Sox 80.5
Orioles 79.5
Twins 78.5
Athletics 75.5

The Cubs have been predicted to be the favorites in the National League by many, and Bovada is no exception. The sports book also predicts the bottom of the National League to be hot trash, with the bottom five teams in baseball all in the National League.

National League O/U
Cubs 92.5
Mets 89.5
Giants 89.5
Nationals 89.5
Dodgers 88.5
Cardinals 87.5
Pirates 86.5
Diamondbacks 82.5
Marlins 79.5
Padres 73.5
Reds 70.5
Rockies 70.5
Brewers 69.5
Braves 66.5
Phillies 65.5

The Royals are favorites to win the division at 11/10, according to Bovada, meaning a $10 bet on the Royals, would win $11. The sports book seems to give all of the American League Central teams a fighting chance to win the division, while in the National League, the odds are long  for some of the bottom-feeders.

AL East NL East
Red Sox 8/5 Mets 10/11
Blue Jays 7/4 Nationals 11/10
Yankees 7/2 Marlins 6/1
Orioles 15/2 Braves 25/1
Rays 9/1 Phillies 33/1
AL Central NL Central
Royals 11/10 Cubs 2/3
Indians 5/2 Cardinals 5/2
Tigers 4/1 Pirates 3/1
White Sox 6/1 Reds 25/1
Twins 10/1 Brewers 25/1
AL West
NL West
Astros 8/5 Giants 5/4
Rangers 21/10 Dodgers 3/2
Angels 15/4 Diamondbacks 3/1
Mariners 4/1 Padres 12/1
Athletics 12/1 Rockies 50/1

As for prop bets, the heavy money is on Mike Trout to win American League MVP. Lorenzo Cain, who finished third in last year's voting, is at 25/1 to win MVP. Eric Hosmer is a longer shot to win MVP at 66/1.

Mike Trout 2/1
Josh Donaldson 4/1
Manny Machado 7/1
Miguel Cabrera 12/1
Justin Upton 20/1
Jose Abreu 25/1
Jose Altuve 25/1
Lorenzo Cain 25/1
Robinson Cano 25/1
Chris Davis 25/1
Jose Bautista 28/1
Adrian Beltre 33/1
Mookie Betts 33/1
J.D. Martinez 33/1
Troy Tulowitzki 33/1
Edwin Encarnacion 40/1
Todd Frazier 40/1
Nelson Cruz 50/1
Prince Fielder 50/1
Adam Jones 50/1
Alex Rodriguez 50/1
Eric Hosmer 66/1
Francisco Lindor 66/1
Carlos Correa 75/1
David Ortiz 100/1

Yordano Ventura is looking for a breakout season, but the sports book still seems him as a long shot to capture the first Cy Young in franchise history since Zack Greinke in 2009. David Price, now with Boston, is the favorite at 4/1, while last year's winner, Dallas Keuchel, is at 6/1. Wade Davis has the best odds at any reliever for winning the American League Cy Young at 50/1.

David Price 4/1
Chris Archer 6/1
Felix Hernandez 6/1
Corey Kluber 6/1
Chris Sale 6/1
Dallas Keuchel 8/1
Carlos Carrasco 12/1
Sonny Gray 12/1
Cole Hamels 20/1
Marcus Stroman 20/1
Justin Verlander 20/1
Garrett Richards 25/1
Danny Salazar 25/1
Jordan Zimmerman 33/1
Wade Davis 50/1
Marco Estrada 50/1
Collin McHugh 50/1
Jake Odorizzi 50/1
Yordano Ventura 50/1
Craig Kimbrel 100/1

Bryce Harper is the heavy favorite in the National League to repeat as MVP. Rookie Corey Seager is an interesting bet, although a long shot at  50/1.

Bryce Harper 19/10
Giancarlo Stanton 6/1
Andrew McCutchen 7/1
Paul Goldschmidt 15/2
Kris Bryant 9/1
Buster Posey 12/1
Anthony Rizzo 14/1
Joey Votto 14/1
Nolan Arenado 20/1
A.J. Pollock 20/1
Yoenis Cespedes 25/1
Yasiel Puig 33/1
Adrian Gonzalez 40/1
Ryan Braun 50/1
Starling Marte 50/1
Corey Seager 50/1
Matt Carpenter 66/1
Carlos Gonzalez 66/1

The National League Cy Young odds have last year's winner Jake Arrieta behind three-time winner Clayton Kershaw. Former Royals pitcher Johnny Cueto, now with the Giants, is at 20/1.

Clayton Kershaw 4/7
Jake Arrieta 15/2
Madison Bumgarner 10/1
Jacob deGrom 10/1
Max Scherzer 10/1
Matt Harvey 12/1
Gerrit Cole 14/1
Jose Fernandez 14/1
Zack Greinke 14/1
Stephen Strasburg 14/1
Johnny Cueto 20/1
Jon Lester 20/1
Noah Syndegaard 20/1
Adam Wainwright 20/1
Francisco Liriano 33/1
Carlos Martinez 33/1
Scott Kazmir 50/1
John Lackey 50/1
Shelby Miller 50/1

What bets would you take?