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Royals Rumblings - News for March 17, 2016

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Snakes be gone!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For the sake of paying homage to the country from which my surname originates, let us all paint each other green, drink ourselves stupid, and listen to The Frames. Get these snakes out of here, Patrick.

Per a report from Jeffrey Flanagan at, Ned Yost isn't worried about Danny Duffy's rough spring:

"Danny [struggles] in Spring Training," Yost said. "He has the last two or three years. When the season starts, he's always there. You just continue to keep him working and his command will get refined the closer we get to the season. No worries with Danny.

"You see a lot of guys doing that over the years. They struggle in Spring Training and are fine in the regular season. But Danny has always been like that. Down here his command is all over the place."

Reymond Fuentes helped his case in trying to make the Opening Day roster with a big day at the plate yesterday. Also noteworthy within Flanagan's recap was this bit about Chris Young:

Young, the likely No. 4 starter, allowed two hits, walked two and struck out five. He threw 47 pitches, 31 for strikes, and he had sharp command of his slider.

"Real sharp. He was really good," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "Had everything working. He had his disappearing slider, had life on his fastball."

The Kansas City Star's fourth entry in its Becoming Royal series is up, and it's about Art Stewart.

Old friend Clark Fosler looks at the likely inconsequential but nevertheless encouraging spring returns from the Royals' bullpen at the soon-to-be defunct Royals Authority.

Thus far, the new three-headed monster at the back of the pen (Davis-Soria-Herrera) have one earned run in ten innings, while striking out nine and walking one. Sure, Soria gave up a home run in his first outing that went as unearned, but we are in the afterglow of a Championship, so let’s just be happy.

Throw in the established ‘number four man’, Luke Hochevar and his three innings of scoreless work and add Dillon Gee – now appearing to be a lock for the roster – and his five innings and one run resume and the first five names in Royals’ 2016 bullpen have allowed two earned runs in 18 innings.

Jeffrey Flanagan reports that Yordano Ventura and Edinson Volquez will not make their scheduled starts at the Alamo Dome this weekend.

At Baseball Prospectus, Matthew Trueblood looks at revisiting the prospect of the Belanger Gambit.

Bruce Markusen delves into the life of player featured on one of the weirder baseball cards of the 1960s, Clay Carroll.

Former Cardinals minor-leaguer and then closeted Tyler Dunnington left baseball because of the homophobia he encountered in the clubhouse.

The Adam LaRoche retirement is not looking good on the White Sox.

Nike has a trailer for its line of self-tying shoes inspired by Back to the Future Part II.

Increased usage of renewable energy has decreased global greenhouse gas emissions for the second straight year despite a rise in the global GDP.

For the slew of fans--for lack of a better descriptor--of Making a Murderer, the chain of evidence (or lack thereof) for the bones in the burn barrel on the Avery farm and the DNA match itself are now being called into question.

The political battle has commenced with President Obama's nomination of the moderate centrist Merrick Garland to Judge Antonin Scalia's vacant Supreme Court seat.

Uproxx's Mike Ryan interviews director Jeff Nichols about his upcoming film Midnight Special.

The song of the day is "Delia" by Charlie Parr.