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Spring Training Game 18: Royals vs. Dodgers

A St. Pattie's day game of the ol' American pastime.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Last week I said that a few cuts were going to be made before too long; lo and behold it was so. Brett Eibner of the dreamy hair and Kyle Zimmer of the zombie arm are among the names to be assigned to minor league camp.

The Royals still have over 40 players in camp that they need to pare down to 25 for Opening Day, and each game helps move management towards a decision about which Royals will play where. Today, against the powerful Dodgers of Los Angeles, the Royals will be without half their squad, as some of the Boys in Blue travel to San Antonio.

Today at the Dodgers while other half of club travels to San Antonio for a weekend date with the Rangers, so the Royals have some guys up from minor league camp like Humberto Arteaga, Frank Schwindel, Eduardo Salcedo and Angel Franco.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. At Royals Review, we celebrate this day, as with every other day, in remembrance of the Royals' 2015 World Series victory.