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Royals Rumblings - News for March 18, 2016

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How Moose became OppoMoose.

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 18, 2016

Jarrod Dyson has begun throwing and hopes to miss just two weeks of the regular season.

For now, Dyson said, his rehab process has been mostly based on feel. He will likely remain limited until he is totally pain free, and he is set to begin the season on the disabled list. Club officials are still sorting through minor-league assignments, but it’s likely Dyson could remain in extended spring training for a rehab stint.

"I got to make sure this pain fully heals, because I don’t want (any) setbacks," Dyson said. "So that’s what I’m looking at."

In the meantime, Paulo Orlando will likely get more playing time.

ESPN's Christina Kahrl writes about how Mike Moustakas changed his approach to hit to all fields.

I went up to Dale and said, 'what do I need to do to stick around a lot longer? Because I love playing in the big leagues,' " Moustakas said. "And Dale was like, 'this is what we gotta do.' And I bought in from the first day."

The simple answer? Moustakas was going to have to show opponents that he could hit the ball to the opposite field. It might sound easy; it isn't. Remember what Moustakas was trying to do: In effect, trying to change everything he knew about how to succeed at the plate, learned from his earliest experiences in thousands upon thousands of at-bats all the way from T-ball through Triple-A, adjusting his swing path within his at-bats, and doing something he hadn't really done before. Against the highest level of competition. And making it work.

"It's very, very hard to do," Yost said. "I tried to do it when I was a player, and I couldn't do it. I was a dead pull hitter, and I couldn't do it."

Royals relievers have a good time in the pen until they're called to action.

Herrera said that out of all the Royals’ relievers, he’s probably the goofiest. Closer Wade Davis said that Herrera might also be the sleepiest.

"I’ve only been in the bullpen a couple of years, but this group seems to be pretty relaxed. Sometimes I think Kelvin’s sleeping when they call down that it’s time to get in the game," Davis joked. Herrera, for his part, denied he’d ever sleep in the bullpen.

"No, I never fall asleep. Maybe Wade," he said.

Jesse Spector at The Sporting News asked the Royals why the projections always seem to underestimate them.

"The stat people and the people that predict the numbers, they don’t understand our style of play," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "It’s hard to quantify a good bullpen. We know, as a group, that we never stop fighting, we never quit, we continue to battle. If we’re close in a game from the fifth inning on, we know that we have the ability to put the ball in play and manufacture one or two runs that we need to win a ballgame. We feel like if we’re ahead, our bullpen’s going to lock it down and we’re going to win those games. That’s a great confidence to have, and it’s a teamwide confidence that our offensive players have with our bullpen, knowing, hey, all we’ve got to do is be close by the fifth, and we’re going to lock this game out."

Tony Cruz is facing an uphill challenge to make the team as a backup catcher.

"The important thing is we’ll have a backup catcher and we’ll have some depth, too," Yost said. "That helps. You’ve got to have that. Catching depth is the hardest thing to find these days."

George Brett was spinning yarns at spring training, and Sam Mellinger relays them to us.

Joe Posnanski writes about the top players of all-time, and #33 is George Brett.

Andy McCullough returns to the Kansas City Star for a podcast appearance.

The Royals host Clint Bowyer who is better off sticking to NASCAR.

The Indians sign outfielder Marlon Byrd to a minor league deal.

The United States will make it easier for players to sign out of Cuba.

David Schoenfield at ESPN writes about the SABR analytics convention and what the future brings with advanced stats.

How much did the NCAA committee screw your team over?

What NFL team made the biggest upgrades with free agency?

You can watch three guys go to the international space station today.

Sea World will stop breeding orcas.

Seth Rogen's R-rated animated Pixar parody has a trailer (NSFW).

Your song of the day is Spoon with "I Turn My Camera On."