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Friday OT Thread: Rebranding and National Parking

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

1. Finally getting to use some of Farmhand and buddyball's advice on Death Valley (only had about seven hours--so the rest of the tips will have to wait a little bit), I was struck by the stark majesty of the park. In the moment, it occurred to me that Donald Trump has likely never been to a National Park. What is the thing most people would be surprised to hear that you had not done?

2. What is the one pricey thing that you will splurge on that others might judge you for with raised eyebrows and sticker shock?

3. Netflix's new series Flaked sees Will Arnett rebranding himself as an actor and writer with some dramatic chops. Whose mid-career rebranding--past or present--are you most impressed by?

4. We all have reading horror stories, most of them originating in the assigned reading realm. What book that you finished did you dislike the most?

5. When was the last time that you made assumptions about something only to have those assumptions be completely unfounded and off base?

Bonus #1: Greek or Roman?

Bonus #2: Daylight or Standard?