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Royals vs Indians, Spring Training Game 25 Game Thread

Almost there!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I tried to watch a Royals game on recently, but the feed kept freezing during commercials. I heard Uncle Hud going into some stuff about how Chase Utley is awesome for breaking another guy's leg though. Way to go Hud. Pfffff.

In some transaction news, Scott Alexander and Brian Flynn have been optioned to AAA, so the bullpen picture gets a little less crowded. Ross Ohlendorf was released. Chien-Ming Wang and Dillon Gee are still hanging around.

Kris Medlen gets the start against Danny Salazar. Here are today's lineups:

Carlos Santana is going to steal all the bases since he's the leadoff hitter. Christian Colon and Alcides Escobar better be ready.