A partial list of anagrams of "Reymond Fuentes"

More Funny Steed - Why so serious, Crime Horse?

Fun Eyed Monster - Pretty sure this one is a Mercer Mayer book

Dense Femur Tony - The Roman God of avoiding the DL

Fermented Nu Soy - A probiotic vegan Swedish snack?

My Noun Festered - But your adjectives rot

Feed My Neutrons - Would be a good name for a band

One Musty Fender - A PBS series set at a U-wrench it place?

Nuts Defer Money - You'd be crazy not to take the lump sum payment.

Sonny Refuted Me - Sonny will be spending the rest of the night in his room

Ye Fount Menders - A salute to those who make repairs after another visit by Fountain Girl

Fun Stone Remedy - Order now!

Need Forty Menus - "Chicken Soup for the Caterer's Soul"

Mousy Fen Tender - One who takes care of a rodent-ridden marsh

Omen. Tensed. Fury. - Preparing for Brett Lawrie's next visit, perhaps?

Money Deters Fun - I'd be willing to test that theory, though

Refund 'em Stoney! - Yep, they've got receipts, Stoney. Give the folks their money back.

My Futon Sneered - Judgy multi-use furniture

Yemen: Not Surfed - Probably false

Nuns Defy Meteor - Film at eleven

Yen-Fronted Emus - These exotic birds are sadly extinct due to unrestricted plume hunting

Try Semen Fondue - No thanks

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