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Friday OT Thread: Nostalgia and odd likes and dislikes

David McNew/Getty Images

1. What non-Royal, non-star baseball player (past or present) do have an unreasonable affection for? Why?

2. What thing from your youth that you can no longer enjoy do you miss the most?

3. With the wife watching HGTV in the hotel room, it strikes me that there are quite a few personalities on this network who are seemingly affable and probably well liked by most of the viewers who bother me. What well liked television personality (non-Royals broadcast team) irks you? Why?

4. The bulk of us get subjected to shows or movies that we wouldn't watch on our own, left to our own devices. What show that you would not watch do you secretly enjoy?

5. I'm going to Joshua Tree tomorrow. Who would you argue is the greatest living rock 'n' roll band?

Boner #1: Buchanan or Harding?

Boner #2: John XXIII or Francis?