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Weekend Rumblings - News for March 26, 2016

Run, Hosmer, run!

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Weekend Rumblings - News for March 26, 2016

ESPN's Tim Kurkijian has a terrific oral history of Eric Hosmer's run home during the World Series.

Yost: When he took off for home, I wasn't thinking, "Oh man, he's going to get thrown out." I was thinking, "We are going to get this game tied here." And I'm thinking, "If we can get this game tied, with our bullpen, we're going to win this game."

Collins: I was surprised when Hosmer took off. As soon as he did, I said to myself, "We got him."...

Duda: I was a little bit surprised that he went. Was that necessarily a good baserunning play? I don't think so. But they had some room to play with, being ahead in the series. If I had made a good throw to the plate, he would have looked like a moron.

Brian Duensing appears to have a leg up in the bullpen race.

"I haven’t competed for a spot for about five years or so," Duensing said. "So I didn’t know how I would be able to handle it, to be honest. I’ve been throwing the ball well, which I was hoping to do. I just wanted to give myself a chance." His chances could be helped by the intricacies of roster construction. Example: As the Royals enter the spring training stretch run, just one or two bullpen spots remain up for grabs. Yost is transparent in saying the Royals will try to maintain as much depth as possible at the major-league level and Class AAA. This could help Duensing’s case.

Ned Yost likes the possibility of using Terrance Gore as a bench option.

"You like to have a guy that you can come off the bench with a bat and win a ballgame for you," Yost said. "(When you’re) in a tie game or you’re down one, and you want that big bat off the bench, well, Gore, with his legs, it’s like having a big bat come off the bench. You can pinch run, he can steal second. He can score on any base hit. He can steal third. He can score on a sacrifice fly."

Hunter Samuels is alarmed at Omar Infante's disappearing plate discipline.

It’s difficult to pin down exactly what may have caused Infante’s dramatic decrease in discipline. Perhaps he felt like he had to make the decision to swing earlier because that was the only way to make solid enough contact. His injuries may have affected his timing, which may have affected his approach. It’s also possible Infante felt some pressure, with Christian Colon performing well in limited time, and thought he needed to make things happen quickly, which caused him to be more aggressive with the bat.

Or maybe the aging process is taking its toll, and his talent level has declined to the point where he’s no longer able to hit at a major-league level. I am not inside Infante’s dome, but it did seem to me like he was pressing at times. I’m sure there’s some aging involved, because that’s how time works, and obviously the injuries didn’t help, so it’s likely a combination of the above factors.

Here is Sports Illustrated's season preview of the Royals, with a projection of 90-72.

Most Underrated: Alcides Escobar, SS "Plays every day, Gold Glove defender. Grinds out at-bats. I know he doesn’t have that great an on-base percentage, but you know what? They win when he’s at the top of the order. They tried to have other guys with better OBPs leading off, but [manager] Ned Yost has even said it: We win when he leads off. Statistically, it’s an anomaly. You can’t always explain the numbers, but the end result, you can’t ignore. They seem to play with more energy with him up there. Maybe it puts the rest of the hitters in their lineup in a better order."​

Lee Judge writes that players can be pretty attached to their gloves.

Blue Springs native Logan Moon is thrilled to be in camp with the Royals.

Fangraphs ranks the Royals tenth in designated hitter rankings.

Raul Mondesi (16th), Kyle Zimmer (79th) and Ashe Russell (115th) make's Top prospect list.

Ned Yost doesn't care about a proposed bill to make the Cardinals the official baseball team of Missouri.

Pro boxer Victor Ortiz visited Royals camp.

Former Royals pitcher James Shields is being shopped again by the Padres.

MLB is looking to expand its reach into Mexico.

The Phillies sign manager Pete Mackanin to a contract extension.

The Rams have left St. Louis, but they can still prevent the city from selling their practice facility.

Duke basketball was a bunch of sore losers.

The game "knockout" is known by different names, depending on where you live.

Prepaid phones may no longer be anonymous.

In defense of the New York Times "trend" pieces.

The good and bad of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Your song of the day is Miles Davis with "So What."