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Previewing the Royals 2016 regular season schedule

Here are when games are scheduled, but the team is FOREVER ROYAL.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

We are less than a week away from regular season baseball and a title defense for the Kansas City Royals. We know the Royals will begin the season this Sunday night on ESPN in a re-match of the World Series against the Mets, but how do the remaining 161 games look after that? Let's take a look at the schedule.


The Royals start off against the Mets, but with the Opening Day game moved to Sunday, the Royals now have the odd quirk of having three out of the next four days off after Opening Day. They will play just a two-game series against the Mets before the Minnesota Twins come to town over the weekend. All of those off-days will make it easy for the Royals to begin the season with a four-man rotation, and they would not need a fifth starter until April 12, when the team travels to Houston for an ALDS re-match.

The Royals won't face a team that had a losing record in 2015 until April 15 when they travel to Oakland to revisit old friends Billy Butler and Ryan Madson. Brett Lawrie is gone, but there may still be some bad blood between the two clubs after last year's incident. The Tigers were terrible last year, but many expect them to contend this year after adding Justin Upton and Jordan Zimmermann. They'll get their first shot at the Royals April 19-21, with the Thursday night game to be nationally televised on FS1. Baltimore comes to town over the weekend, before the Royals end the month with a second trip to the West Coast to take on the Angels and Mariners.


The Royals will play the Washington Nationals for the first time since 2013 when Bryce Harper comes to town May 2-4. The Wednesday day game is "School Day" where thousands of students descend on Kauffman Stadium to scream at every pop up. After just a short three-game homestand, the Royals head to Cleveland, then go to Yankee Stadium for four games. The Atlanta Braves and Jeff Francoeur return for a weekend series May 13-15, capped off by "Dressed to the Nines Day" that Sunday.

The Boston Red Sox come to town with another weekday day game for the Wednesday finale in what will be your last chance to see David Ortiz. The Royals head to Chicago to play the White Sox, where they brawled last year. They move on to Minnesota, before returning home to host the White Sox for a four game set. The Rays make their only trip to Kauffman Stadium for a series beginning on Memorial Day.

Month Opponent's 2015 Win Pct.
April .497
May .488
June .516
July .501
August .498
September .477


The Royals embark on their longest road trip of the year in June, a ten-game journey that takes them to Cleveland, Baltimore, and back to Chicago to take on the White Sox again. The boys in blue return home to take on the Indians and Tigers. The Detroit weekend series should be fun with the "Big Slick Celebrity Softball Game" on Friday, June 17, and the Saturday afternoon game appearing on FOX. Then comes a tough stretch against what should be serious contenders. The Royals take a quick two-game road trip to New York to have a re-match with the Mets, then come back home to host the Astros. The Royals will then host their cross-state rivals in a two-game set before traveling across the state to play the team that one legislator wants to anoint the "official" baseball team of the state.


The Royals travel from St. Louis to Philadelphia for what should be an easy three-game stretch against the Phillies before going north of the border for an ALCS re-match against the Toronto Blue Jays. A four-game home series against the Mariners leads up to the All-Star break before Ned Yost leaves for San Diego to manage the American League All-Stars. The Royals resume action with three in Detroit, including another nationally televised game on FS1. They return for their longest homestand of the year, nine games hosting the Indians, Rangers, and Angels. The Royals end July by traveling to Texas for a four-game set against the team that surprised many by winning the Western Division last year.


The Royals conclude their road trip with four games in St. Petersburg against the Rays. They return home to host the Blue Jays for the first time since they clinched the pennant last October. A stretch of divisional foes awaits them - home against the White Sox, at Minnesota and Detroit, then back home against the Twins. The Royals travel to Miami for the first time since 2008, giving a chance for local boy Eric Hosmer to play for the home crowd. The Royals make their only trip to Fenway Park on August 26-28, before ending the month hosting the Yankees in their only trip to Kauffman Stadium.


The last month is for divisional races, with 24 of the final 28 games against Central Divisional foes. The Royals host the Tigers September 2-4 with the Saturday game broadcast nationally on FS1. The Royals travel to Minnesota and Chicago before hosting the Athletics for their last games against a non-divisional foe. The White Sox conclude the homestand before the Royals take their last road trip of the season to Cleveland and Detroit. The season ends with a six-game homestand hosting the Twins and Indians, with the final Saturday game of the year to be broadcast nationally on FS1.

Do you have any games circled on your calendar?

Date Opponent Time TV
Sun, 4/3 Mets 7:37p ESPN
Tue, 4/5 Mets 3:15p FSKC, MLB Network
Fri, 4/8 Twins 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 4/9 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 4/10 Twins 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 4/11 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Tue, 4/12 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Wed, 4/13 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Thu, 4/14 at Astros 7:10p FSKC
Fri, 4/15 at Athletics 9:05p FSKC
Sat, 4/16 at Athletics 3:05p FSKC
Sun, 4/17 at Athletics 3:05p FSKC
Tue, 4/19 Tigers 6:15p FSKC
Wed, 4/20 Tigers 6:15p FSKC
Thu, 4/21 Tigers 6:15p FS1
Fri, 4/22 Orioles 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 4/23 Orioles 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 4/24 Orioles 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 4/25 at Angels 9:05p FSKC
Tue, 4/26 at Angels 9:05p FSKC
Wed, 4/27 at Angels 9:05p FSKC
Fri, 4/29 at Mariners 9:10p FSKC
Sat, 4/30 at Mariners 8:10p FSKC
Sun, 5/1 at Mariners 3:10p FSKC
Mon, 5/2 Nationals 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 5/3 Nationals 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 5/4 Nationals 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 5/6 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Sat, 5/7 at Indians 3:10p FSKC
Sun, 5/8 at Indians 12:10p FSKC
Mon, 5/9 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Tue, 5/10 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Wed, 5/11 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Thu, 5/12 at Yankees 6:05p FSKC
Fri, 5/13 Braves 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 5/14 Braves 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 5/15 Braves 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 5/16 Red Sox 6:05p FSKC
Tue, 5/17 Red Sox 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 5/18 Red Sox 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 5/20 at White Sox 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 5/21 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Sun, 5/22 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 5/23 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Tue, 5/24 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Wed, 5/25 at Twins 12:10p FSKC
Thu, 5/26 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 5/27 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 5/28 White Sox 1:15p FSKC
Sun, 5/29 White Sox 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 5/30 Rays 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 5/31 Rays 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 6/1 Rays 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 6/2 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Fri, 6/3 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Sat, 6/4 at Indians 6:15p FOX
Sun, 6/5 at Indians 12:10p FSKC
Mon, 6/6 at Orioles 6:05p FSKC
Tue, 6/7 at Orioles 6:05p FSKC
Wed, 6/8 at Orioles 6:05p FSKC
Fri, 6/10 at White Sox 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 6/11 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Sun, 6/12 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 6/13 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 6/14 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 6/15 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 6/16 Tigers 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 6/17 Tigers 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 6/18 Tigers 7:15p FOX
Sun, 6/19 Tigers 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 6/21 at Mets 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 6/22 at Mets 12:10p FSKC
Fri, 6/24 Astros 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 6/25 Astros 6:15p FOX
Sun, 6/26 Astros 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 6/27 Cardinals 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 6/28 Cardinals 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 6/29 at Cardinals 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 6/30 at Cardinals 6:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/1 at Phillies 6:05p FSKC
Sat, 7/2 at Phillies 4:50p FSKC
Sun, 7/3 at Phillies 12:35p FSKC
Mon, 7/4 at Blue Jays 6:07p FSKC
Tue, 7/5 at Blue Jays 6:07p FSKC
Wed, 7/6 at Blue Jays 6:07p FSKC
Thu, 7/7 Mariners 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/8 Mariners 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 7/9 Mariners 3:15p FSKC
Sun, 7/10 Mariners 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/15 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Sat, 7/16 at Tigers 6:08p FS1
Sun, 7/17 at Tigers 12:08p FSKC
Mon, 7/18 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 7/19 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 7/20 Indians 1:15p FSKC
Fri, 7/22 Rangers 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 7/23 Rangers 6:15p FS1
Sun, 7/24 Rangers 1:15p FSKC
Mon, 7/25 Angels 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 7/26 Angels 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 7/27 Angels 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 7/28 at Rangers 7:05p FSKC
Fri, 7/29 at Rangers 7:05p FSKC
Sat, 7/30 at Rangers 7:05p FSKC
Sun, 7/31 at Rangers 1:05p FSKC
Mon, 8/1 at Rays 6:10p FSKC
Tue, 8/2 at Rays 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 8/3 at Rays 6:10p FSKC
Thu, 8/4 at Rays 11:10a FSKC
Fri, 8/5 Blue Jays 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 8/6 Blue Jays 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 8/7 Blue Jays 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 8/9 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 8/10 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Thu, 8/11 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 8/12 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 8/13 at Twins 6:10p FSKC
Sun, 8/14 at Twins 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 8/15 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Tue, 8/16 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Wed, 8/17 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Thu, 8/18 Twins 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 8/19 Twins 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 8/20 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 8/21 Twins 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 8/23 at Marlins 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 8/24 at Marlins 6:10p FSKC
Thu, 8/25 at Marlins 6:10p FSKC
Fri, 8/26 at Red Sox 6:10p FSKC
Sat, 8/27 at Red Sox 6:10p FSKC
Sun, 8/28 at Red Sox 12:35p TBD
Mon, 8/29 Yankees 7:15p FSKC
Tue, 8/30 Yankees 7:15p FSKC
Wed, 8/31 Yankees 7:15p FSKC
Fri, 9/2 Tigers 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 9/3 Tigers 6:15p FS1
Sun, 9/4 Tigers 1:15p TBD
Mon, 9/5 at Twins 1:10p FSKC
Tue, 9/6 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Wed, 9/7 at Twins 7:10p FSKC
Fri, 9/9 at White Sox 7:10p FSKC
Sat, 9/10 at White Sox 6:10p FSKC
Sun, 9/11 at White Sox 1:10p FSKC
Mon, 9/12 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Tue, 9/13 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Wed, 9/14 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Thu, 9/15 Athletics 6:15p FSKC
Fri, 9/16 White Sox 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 9/17 White Sox 6:15p FSKC
Sun, 9/18 White Sox 1:15p FSKC
Tue, 9/20 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Wed, 9/21 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Thu, 9/22 at Indians 6:10p FSKC
Fri, 9/23 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Sat, 9/24 at Tigers 6:08p FSKC
Sun, 9/25 at Tigers 12:08p TBD
Tue, 9/27 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Wed, 9/28 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Thu, 9/29 Twins 6:15p FSKC
Fri, 9/30 Indians 7:15p FSKC
Sat, 10/1 Indians 6:15p FS1
Sun, 10/2 Indians 2:15p FSKC