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Spring Training Thread - March 28, 2016

Split-squad action against the Mariners and Padres

Come here, buddy.
Come here, buddy.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Half of the Royals head to Peoria this afternoon to face Nathan Karns and the Seattle Mariners. Starting for the road half of the Royals will be recently crowned fifth starter Kris Medlen. Backing him will be the following lineup:

Goings-on in Surprise will start five minutes beforehand with Drew Pomeranz and the Padres coming to the Royals complex to face Royals' Opening Day starter Edinson Volquez. These Royals will support Volquez:

As stated in that first tweet, the Royals at the Mariners game can be watched on

Of note, Salvador Perez is not playing in either game, marking his final day off of the year.