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Royals vs. Rangers - Spring Training Game 2 Open Thread

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No one get hurt out there, ya hear?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals match up against the Texas Rangers again for Game Two of the Cactus League schedule with the Royals hoping they can avoid injury this time around. Edinson Volquez, who does not want the ball on Opening Day, takes to the hill for the first time since his inspirational performance in the series-clinching Game Five of the World Series when he pitched days after the death of his father.

Steady Eddie will likely give the Royals two innings before yielding to Miguel Almonte, Brian Flynn, Brooks Pounders, Sam Selman, and Christian Binford.

Derek Holland and his terrible mustache take to the mound for Texas. Nomar Mazara, who terrorized the Royals with a home run yesterday, hits third.

Audio of the game will air on KCSP 610 AM in Kansas City and on MLBTV. There is no TV coverage.