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Royals Rumblings - News for March 30, 2016

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Shame on the Royals for maybe planning to do something bad!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for March 30, 2016

The Royals are already being slammed for something they have yet to do.

You'd think that that would be enough to satiate the Kansas City's bloodlust, but no — according to a Newsday report, the Royals are planning retribution for Syndergaard's "unprofessional" pitch in their matchup with the Mets on Opening Night, April 3....

The Royals have no reason to be angry at anyone, but they're out for blood in the first game of the season. Why? Probably because they think their benches-clearing brawls in April 2015 galvanized the team and set them on a course toward glory. They can't let anyone think they can get one over on them. That's some next-level bloviation.

Lucas Duda says the Mets will be ready if the Royals try anything.

"Whatever they want to do, they are not going to bully us, they are not going to scare us," Lucas Duda told The Post. "They are not going to scare us by hitting us. You can talk to all 15 position players that we have, and I’m pretty sure none of them are scared."

Ned Yost shrugged the controversy off.

Sam Mellinger says not to worry about spring training results.

Spring training is an absolute waste of time if you are going for results. The games are played with no adrenaline, varying focus, and little care about actual production. It’s important for guys on the fringe of the 25-man roster or in starting position battles, but mostly meaningless for the starters and stars who largely determine outcomes.

Many of them are working on different things. A pitcher may decide to throw only fastballs, particularly against a division opponent. A hitter may decide to swing only at breaking balls, or try out a new way to time pitches, or concentrate only on hitting the other way. In many games, the lineups used look nothing like a regular-season lineup, particularly if it’s an away game. The starters are often on the golf course.

Salvador Perez says he wants improved plate discipline this year.

"That's the one thing I want to do -- be more patient and see more pitches," Perez said. "I know I can get better pitches to hit if I'm more patient. It's hard, but I have to do it." Perez doesn't want to lose his aggressiveness at the plate, but he also realizes that he can help the team by getting on base more frequently. And his average certainly will rise with more discipline.

"But yeah, I want to stay aggressive, like I always have," Perez said. "I need to be. But you can do both."

Craig Brown at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City likes the new and improved Edinson Volquez.

October is a small sample size, but the takeaway is the changes Volquez made in Pittsburgh traveled with him to Kansas City. Two winters ago, Volquez didn’t know if he was going to continue to be a major league starter. Now, after putting together strong back to back seasons for the first time in his career, he’s back on solid footing. Over half of his 6.9 career WARP has come from his 2014 and 2015 seasons. Throw an impressive October in to the mix for good measure and while you may not have a true number one starter, you certainly have a pitcher who is more than deserving to front a rotation for the defending World Series champions.

Craig Calcaterra at NBC Sports is picking the Royals to win the Central.

There is no magic here. There are just a whole lot of good players and very few holes. The good players are also young and mostly very healthy. Alcides Escobar, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Sal Perez, and Lorenzo Cain are under 30 (Cain turns 30 in a couple of weeks) and they all played 140 games or more last year. Alex Gordon is older and didn’t play in 140 games, but he was there when it counted and provided great defense as so many of these Royals do. It’s just a wonderfully well-rounded team that, in the age of big-bopping stars-and-scrubs rosters of the early 2000s may not have done so great, but which is the state of the art now. The much-imitated state of the art if offseason chatter is to be believed.

Pete Grathoff looks at the long journey of Italian-born Royals prospect Marten Gasparini.

Yahoo Sports has their season preview of the Royals.

The Royals are adding metal detectors to Kauffman Stadium.

Eno Sarris at Fangraphs tries to invent a new pitch.

Here are some of baseball's weirdest injuries.

Rob Neyer has a piece about the history of women in scouting, including one who found Royals outfielder Tom Poquette.

The Yankees once reportedly turned down a proposed trade from the Expos for Derek Jeter, but it probably didn't happen.

The US Men's National Soccer Team wins a match!

KU's Wayne Selden joins Cheick Diallo in declaring for the NBA draft.

Former Kansas City radio host Nick Wright will join the FS1 lineup.

There is a "hot Jupiter" 190 light years away that is on a wild orbital ride.

Twitter adds visual descriptions for the visually impaired.

Your song of the day is Pearl Jam with "Even Flow."