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Royals vs. Rangers, Spring Training Game 33 Game Thread

No Cactus League championship this year. I guess we'll have to settle for being last year's champs.

I can see it. Just over the bend. Opening Day.
I can see it. Just over the bend. Opening Day.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We're just about done here in Arizona. The roster is (mostly) in focus, the camp battles are (mostly) completed, the rotation is set, and we're just a few days from April baseball. Opening Day in KC should be very nice, but let's prepare ourselves to see some cold baseball elsewhere. I'll be prepared with my blanket on the couch. Maybe some hot cocoa or beer or popcorn. I don't know yet. What snacks will you have?

The Royals finish up their Cactus League scheduled against the Rangers. It looks like the coaches are getting a last look at Reymond Fuentes and Whit Merrifield, while Ian Kennedy is getting lined up for his first start next week. The Rangers, on the other hand, look to be throwing in the towel. I don't think they have a #9 hitter in that lineup card photo.