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Royals Rumblings - News for March 8, 2016

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No rest for the Salvy.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for March 8, 2016

Despite a new contract extension, the Royals have no plans to give Salvador Perez more rest.

Yost said that when the 2016 season begins, Perez will play as much as he did before the extension.

"We’re not going to give him any more days off now that he’s signed a five-year contract," Yost said. "We’re going to manipulate it like we have in the past. I thought we did a really good job last year."

Brett Eibner talks about how he learned to clear his mind and focus on baseball.

A two-way star in college, excelling as a pitcher and outfielder, Eibner was also something of a perfectionist. Club officials viewed him as a thinker, the kind of player who was always looking for an advantage, who wore the slights of failure harder than others. With his career struggling to get off the ground, Eibner had a meeting with Royals general manager J.J. Picollo, who suggested a weekend refuge with Curtis.

"It was about rebooting my mind," Eibner says. "We just talked about things in baseball. We talked about my thought process. We went back to a time when everything was going great and I had a great year."

David Cameron at Fangraphs writes that the Royals' dominance at BaseRuns should allow them to beat projections.

Based on the last decade or so of teams who have beaten their BaseRuns performance in a substantial way, we should probably expect the Royals to do so again in 2016, and the +3 to +4 win margin that you guys suggested appears to be in the right ballpark. They won’t get as big a boost as they did in 2015 — only four of the 30 teams from the top decile put up a +10 or better season in the 4th year — but these results do suggest that these teams have found something that allows them to outperform by a decent margin after they’ve been identified as teams that might have this skill.

Jeffrey Flanagan profiles Jon Denney, a newly signed catcher with a troubled past.

The Royals nearly drafted Denney in 2013. Denney's scouting report at the time read: "Denney has the complete package for the position, with advanced receiving skills and a plus arm. He has some power in his bat as well."

"We really valued him," Picollo said. "We thought we had him Day 2, but the Red Sox got him ahead of us."

After Denney missed the last two seasons, the Red Sox took him off their restricted list, thus making him available for anyone to sign -- a rare move for teams in regard to their higher Draft picks. The Royals certainly were grateful and now believe they can resurrect Denney's career.

Baseball America lists Royals prospect Josh Staumont as a sleeper for 2016.

This is a risky pick because there is a chance that Staumont could prove to be Jason Neighborgall-lite, someone with great stuff but not enough control and command to ever make it work. Staumont walked 6.0 per nine innings at Azuza Pacific and walked 7.2 per nine in his pro debut. But Staumont can get to 100 mph and beyond with seemingly very little effort and his curveball is a plus-plus offering at its best, as well. If he can figure out how to get around the strike zone on a more regular basis, a la Craig Kimbrel, he has the stuff of an elite closer.

Shawn Brody at Beyond the Boxscore thinks Yordano Ventura's curveball is becoming a slider.

David Schoenfield lists Danny Duffy as a player on the spot in 2016.

In this video, Flanny also talks about the upcoming season for the Royals.

Jorge Bonifacio is trying to balance contact with power.

The Royals try to be good neighbors to some kids in Arizona.

MLB wants to simplify Cuban free agency.

The league overturns the suspension on Chase Utley for his slide in last year's playoffs.

Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia opens up about his alcohol rehab.

The Feds bring fraud charges against the  video game company of former pitcher Curt Schilling.

SMU and Louisville are two of the best teams ever banned from the NCAA tourney.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova announces she failed a drug test at the Australian Open.

How Apple pushed e-books towards failure.

How did Downton Abbey become such a cultural phenomenon?

The opening of the Hulk Hogan trial against Gawker is going well.

Your song of the day is Bo Diddley with "Before You Accuse Me."