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Mayan god of bees releases statement on Royals spring training attack

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The Mayan deity discusses the recent controversy in Surprise.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

AETHER CITY, VOID — Ah Muzen Cab, the Mayan god of bees, apparated at a podium inside the nexus of worlds late Tuesday night to discuss Beegate 2016, the latest confrontation between his dominion and a Spring Training baseball team. The following statement has been roughly translated from the ancient language Chicomuceltec, Cab's preferred dialect when addressing the public:

"In spring, my legion rise to saturate the ground. The vegetation of the worlds [sic] relies upon our conducting; we are the scales behind the notes. The continued interference of the fleshed ones has impeded us time and again. They have invaded our homes, our lands, our trees, kidnapped our youth, and [commodified or corrupted] our essence.

While we commend manager Ned Yost for his insistence on removal rather than termination of my kin, the lack of cohabitation continues to offend us. Nor do his actions compel us to reconsider the litany of genocidal acts that have been meted out by [humans or flesh-trash].

We do not take these aggressions lightly. Ours is the work of the divine. Yours is the work of pathetic mortals, fretted and worrisome, aching in your comforts that bring no solace [in the end or eternally]. Your flesh becomes our soil. In that, the last jest is ours."

Afterwards, Ah Muzen Cab made himself available for questioning, but an interpreter was not provided. When asked for comment, Xbalanque declined. Chaac provided his support, promising that "one day, a rain will come to wash the land."

This comes after another incident between bees and baseball players occurred yesterday at Surprise, Arizona. The last incident involving the Royals occurred exactly one year ago, on March 8th, 2015. During yesterday's game between the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals, a swarm surrounded an equipment bag in the Royals dugout.The swarm was eventually placed into a trash bag and released. As Ned Yost himself said,

"There’s not enough bees in the world, boys. We can’t be exterminating them. I’m telling you, they are dwindling, and they’re so important to our environment, because they pollinate everything. It doesn’t make any sense for me to panic and kill bees."

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While the sovereignty of the bees has long been an issue in Deocentric and environmentalist circles, it is an issue left unaddressed by baseball and much of the industrialized world. The Bacab were reached out to for comment, but whether or not the message was received through the Terminus has still to be determined. Likewise, Major League Baseball was approached, but we were told they had ducked out to the hardware store.