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Oxford vs. Cambridge: the debate sorted by Royalty

This is the great debate, sorted.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

You've got spotless A-Levels, and you're ready to embark on your trip to university. You've been accepted into both Oxbridge unis. Which do you choose? Which is better? Honestly, nothing short of Her Majesty's royal proclamation can finalise it.

But here at Royals Review, we can see what the Royals say about it. Who attended which uni and which college? What subject did they read? Maybe they loved to go out to Cindy's? This is the great debate, sorted. Which colour will win? Oxford blue or Cambridge Blue?


King Edward VII, King Edward VIII

Neither of these blokes graduated. Also, Edward VIII abdicated the throne within a year to marry a bloody Yank. That's not exactly a brilliant history.


Prince Charles, Prince Richard, Prince Edward

These gentlemen actually got legitimate degrees from Cambridge. No kings in this lot, but I have a feeling that Prince Charles wouldn't abdicate the throne so easily.

Winner: Cambridge

Only if you were mental could you think that Oxford could win. The Duke of Cambridge could be future King of England, yeah? What can Oxford say about that? That Emma Watson studied there during her year 'abroad?' That its most well-known Royal never got a degree and had one of the shortest reigns in English history? Not impressive. Clearly, even Oxonians should know that. The Tabs do.

I'll be knackered if I have to explain any more of this.